Meet the Admissions Team

Our admissions team is ready to welcome you and answer any questions that you may have about WLC.

We have a team of people dedicated to helping you navigate the college selection procress, completing your WLC application, and applying for financial aid. You also have a full-time admissions counselor who is here to help you discover your fit at WLC!

Tim Bare
Tim Bare Office of Admissions Enrollment Technology Manager 414.443.8609
Kyle Brandenburg
Kyle Brandenburg Office of Admissions Admissions Counselor 414.443.8793
Lucas Faust
Lucas Faust Office of Admissions, President's Cabinet Vice President of Enrollment 414.443.8720
Joe Hennen
Joe Hennen Office of Admissions Admissions Counselor 414.443.8712
Carly Heuer
Carly Heuer Office of Admissions Admissions Counselor 414.443.8725
Trish Nitschke
Trish Nitschke Office of Admissions Graduate and Transfer Admissions Counselor 414.443.8782
Ann Poetter
Ann Poetter Office of Admissions Visit Coordinator 414.443.8810
Alex Schumacher
Alex Schumacher Office of Admissions Admissions Counselor 414.443.8718
Wayne Shevey
Wayne Shevey Office of Admissions Pastoral Outreach Coordinator 414.443.8723
Katherine Steinegger
Katherine Steinegger Office of Admissions Office Manager 414.443.8811
Craig Swiontek
Craig Swiontek Office of Admissions Director of Transfer Admissions 414.443.8713