Apply for Financial Aid

Students applying for financial aid are considered for all programs for which they are eligible. The amount of financial aid offered is generally a combination of scholarships, need-based aid, student employment, and loans. It is based on the qualified financial need as determined primarily by the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).


Applying for financial aid typically includes two steps: filing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and completing the WLC Financial Aid Application.


Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form available at You can complete the FAFSA once it is available in December of the year prior to your intended enrollment (or December of your senior year of high school). 

WLC Financial aid application


The online version of the 2023-2024 WLC Financial Aid Application is available to incoming freshmen and transfer students intending to enroll in fall (August) 2023.

When completing your online WLC Financial Aid Application, please use the same log-in information that you used to complete your online application to WLC. If you have any questions or have difficulty logging in to your account, please contact the Office of Admissions at 414.443.8811 or


Download, print, and complete the 2023-2024 WLC Financial Aid Application PDF form. Return your completed application to the Office of Financial Aid.


Contact the Office of Financial Aid with any financial aid application questions:

The following forms are available as circumstances warrant. Please be sure to complete the form(s) for the academic year for which you are seeking financial aid.

Your Financial Aid Offer

A financial aid offer letter will be sent to you after your financial aid is determined. Incoming freshmen will receive offer letters in the mail starting in December. Transfer students will receive offer letters in the mail on a rolling basis. Current students will receive offer information via email during the summer.


If you receive private (non-WLC) scholarships, grants, or loans, you are legally required to report those funds to the Office of Financial Aid. In certain cases, federal and state regulations may require an adjustment to your financial aid offer. Adjustments may also be made if there are changes in your family's financial situation during the academic year or if your enrollment status changes.