PLUS Partner Program for Parents

Our PLUS Partner Program is our unique commitment to help you pay a portion of the interest on your Federal Direct PLUS Loan.

We commit to paying a designated amount of the charged interest for a maximum of four years while your son or daughter is enrolled at WLC.

How does it work? 

It begins with you, the parent, borrowing a Federal Direct PLUS loan.

Wisconsin Lutheran College will then pay up to the first 3% of charged interest on the disbursed amount of any Federal Direct PLUS Loan ranging from $3,000 to $20,000 except in the first year* for any loan outstanding at June 30. 

* Because the loan servicer will not charge interest for a full year until second semester, WLC will pay up to one-half of the 3% interest in the first year.

Payments To Your Servicer: Payments will be made to your servicer at the end of each academic year (June 30) for the outstanding balance at June 30 while your student remains enrolled at WLC. The servicer will apply the payment first to any outstanding interest and then to the principal balance.

Questions? Contact the Office of Financial Aid at Wisconsin Lutheran College at 414.443.8856 or via email.