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Payment Options for Undergraduate Students

The Business Office at Wisconsin Lutheran College is committed to providing friendly financial services to the college community. Students and parents may pay tuition, room and board, and other fees in-person at the Business Office, online via CASHNet E-Pay, or with a mailed check.

  • Accessing Your E-Bill and Making a Payment

    Tuition statements are hosted online as an "E-Bill" as they become available. Payments can be made either online through CashNet by e-check or credit card (there is a service fee for using credit cards) or by check mailed or delivered in-person to the WLC Business Office at 8800 West Bluemound Road; Milwaukee, WI 53226.

    • STUDENT ACCESS: Log in to your account and select the "My Account" tab, then click the "Go To CashNet" link to view your E-Bill or make a payment. To authorize an additional user (e.g. parent) access to your E-Bill, click the "Parents Pins" link.
    • PARENT/SPOUSE ACCESS: Once your student has established you as an Authorized User and you have a user ID and password, go to CashNet and log in. Once logged in, the panel containing your student’ E-Bill and E-Pay information will be displayed. Please keep in mind that passwords are case sensitive. If you cannot log in because you have forgotten your user ID and/or password, you must have your student reset your password.

    Understanding Your E-Bill

    Financial Aid

    Your tuition statement indicates financial aid if you have completed all necessary forms, been given an award package, and have accepted the award online. If financial aid is not included on your statement, please confirm acceptance of your aid at by clicking on the “myFinancialAid” link on the left side of the home page.

    Work Study

    Work Study does not reduce the amount listed on your tuition statement. Instead, you will receive payment via direct deposit for the hours you work throughout the year.


    Federal Direct Loans and Direct Parent PLUS Loans will not show on your statement until the funds have been accepted on your financial aid award. All loans should be accepted online prior to the August 1 payment deadline. Private loan dollars will not show on your bill until the funds are received. 


    If you have any questions regarding your E-Bill statement or payment options, please contact Lisa Mazurkiewicz in the business office at 414.443.8855 or via email. Questions regarding financial aid awards and loans should be directed to the Financial Aid Help Desk at 414.443.8856.


    2 Payment Plan

    • FALL: payment due in full on August 1
    • SPRING: payment due in full on January 10

    4 Payment Plan

    • FALL: one-half of the semester balance due August 1 and October 1
    • SPRING: one-half of the semester balance due January 10 and March 1

    8 Payment Plan

    • FALL: one fourth of the semester balance due August 1, September 1, October 1,  and November 1
    • SPRING: one fourth of the semester balance due on January 10, February 1, March 1,  and April 1
    Students with a balance due after the final due date (Fall - November 1; Spring - April 1) will not be allowed to register for the next semester.


    Payments can be made online via CASHNet E-Pay (E-Check or Credit Card), or with a check mailed or delivered in-person to the business office.

    • E-CHECK (Preferred Payment Method): Payment can be made conveniently online via CASHNet E-Pay with your bank's routing number and your bank account number. This method of payment is not subject to a service charge.

    • Credit Card: At this time, credit cards are only accepted via the CASHNet E-Pay process. Credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% service charge.

    • Check: Checks may be mailed or delivered in-person to the following address:
      Wisconsin Lutheran College
      ATTN: Business Office
      8800 W Bluemound Road
      Milwaukee, WI 53226


    Please note that a finance charge in the amount of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month will be added to all delinquent accounts.