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Theatre Scholarship

Theatre scholarships are offered to incoming students - freshmen and transfers - and may be in addition to other academic scholarships offered by the college. Recipients may not, however, receive an additional scholarship in art or music.

  • Award

    Incoming freshmen and transfer students with exceptional dramatic ability are encouraged to apply and audition for Theatre Scholarship, with an annual value of up to $2,000, renewable each year for a lifetime value of up to $8,000.

    Eligibility and Selection

    1. Scholarship applicants must be accepted for admission on or before the scholarship application deadline.
    2. Scholarships are awarded to freshmen and/or transfer students beginning in fall semester.
    3. Scholarships primarily are awarded to students who intend to pursue an academic program as a Theatre major or minor (Theatre, Theatre Education).
    4. Scholarships also can be awarded to students who do not intend to pursue a major or minor in Theatre but who can commit to at least one Theatre course or production per semester.

    All scholarships are perpetual and automatically renewable, provided the recipient fulfills the following:

    1. Maintains a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.
    2. Exhibits a constructive attitude and active participation in the advancement and quality of the activities of the Theatre program including, but not limited to, modeling a mature Christian character and servant leadership.
    3. And either:
      a. Participates as a member of the cast, production staff, or crew for one WLC Theatre mainstage production or takes a Theatre course each semester,
      b. Or leads a specific project beneficial to the activities of the Theatre program - upon approval of the faculty.

    Application Instructions

    1. Complete the online application form. We recommend that you review the application first so you know what you'll need to complete it. The application deadline is December 6, 2021, for a 2022-2023 Theatre Scholarship.

    2. In the application, you will need to provide the name, email, and phone number for two references. A link to the recommendation form is available for download here. Note: Your references will return the forms DIRECTLY TO WLC, not to you. If they wish to share their recommendations with you, that is their privilege. 

    3. Once your application has been received, you will receive an email from Prof. Simon Provan ( or WLC Theatre ( to schedule your audition and interview, which must take place on or before December 11, 2021, for the 2022-2023 academic year.



    Audition and Interview

    1. Acting auditions consist of the performance of two short, contrasting, memorized monologues from published plays. The total time should be 2-4 minutes (no longer, please). The interview will follow.

    2. Non-actors present a "portfolio" of their work in theatre and/or related artistic areas or performance events. This may consist of photos, drawings, paperwork, etc. to best display the achievements of the applicant. 

    3. Auditions and interviews will be conducted in-person at Wisconsin Lutheran College on December 11, 2021. Students who are unable to audition on campus that day may schedule a live, remote audition via an online platform. Online auditions - which must take place by December 11 - will be conducted in "real time" (no recordings). Detailed instructions regarding the audition and interview will be sent along with scheduling information, or upon request.