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Music Scholarship

Music scholarships may be awarded in addition to any other scholarships that the college offers. However, recipients may receive only one Fine Arts Scholarship. The student does not have to be a music major in order to audition for or receive a music scholarship.

  • Awards

    • $2,000 band/choral scholarship (renewable annually)
    • $1,000 accompanying scholarship (renewable annually)  
    • $1,000 band/choral scholarship (renewable annually)          

    Eligibility and Selection

    1. Students must be accepted for admission on or before the audition date.
    2. Scholarship selection is based on musical ability as demonstrated at the audition in conjunction with two written recommendations.
    3. Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen or transfer students.
    4. Students need not be music majors to receive an award.

    All scholarships are renewable annually, provided the student fulfills the following:

    1. Maintains a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.
    2. Band, choral, or strings scholarship recipients must perform in an assigned major ensemble each semester of the year the scholarship is awarded.
    3. Accompanying scholarship recipients must fulfill their accompanying assignments to the satisfaction of the music department.
    4. Has satisfactorily participated in the activities of the music department, including continued enrollment in private lessons.
    5. Models an example of Christian character and leadership.

    Application Instructions

    1. Complete the online application form. We recommend that you review the application first so you know what you'll need to complete it. The application deadline is November 16, 2019 for a 2020-2021 Music Scholarship.

    2. In the application, you will need to provide the name, email, and phone number for two references. Recommendation forms are available here. You may download the file and share it with your references or send them the link.

    3. Schedule your audition on Saturday, November 16 or Saturday, November 23 by contacting Dr. Jeremy Zima, or 414.443.8706. See audition details below.



    Scholarship Auditions

    1. Auditions for 2020-2021 scholarships will be held November 16, 2019, and November 23, 2019. All auditions will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in either the Schwan Concert Hall or the Wolf Rehearsal Hall. 

    2. Auditions should consist of two or more numbers of contrasting character or style. An accompanist can be provided by the music department if the music is sent one week in advance of the audition date. Vocalists must perform one song in a foreign language and both songs should be memorized.

    3. Pianists auditioning for the accompanying scholarships should play one or both solos by memory and will be asked to sight read.

    4. Students who live more than 300 miles from campus may submit a recording of their performance no later than November 16, 2019.

    Scholarship Audition Requirements


    • Two compositions or movements in contrasting styles (approximately 8-minute total length).


    • A prelude and fugue by Bach.
    • A composition from Romantic or Contemporary periods.
    • A hymn.
    • At the piano: A Two-part invention by Bach.


    • Two songs or arias in contrasting styles (approximately 8-minute total length). It is preferable that one song be in a foreign language.


    • Two contrasting compositions, or two contrasting movements from the same composition (approximately 10-minute total length).


    • Two contrasting compositions, or two contrasting movements from the same composition (approximately 10-minute total length).


    • Two compositions or movements in contrasting styles. It is preferable that one be a movement from a major concerto. One may be an etude that shows the level of your technical development.


    • Two compositions or movements in contrasting styles.
    • One orchestral cadenza.


    • Two prepared solos on two of the following: snare drum, timpani, drum set, or mallet percussion (marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, or bells) (approximately 10-minute total length).