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Faithful in Purpose

“We remain faithful in purpose so that our students may live out theirs.”

  • In the winter of 2018, Wisconsin Lutheran College formed a Strategic Planning Committee incorporating a comprehensive and multidisciplinary team including faculty, staff, and student representation. The Strategic Planning Committee was charged by the Board of Regents and the President of Wisconsin Lutheran College, Dr. Daniel W. Johnson, to develop a five-year strategic plan to include input from both internal and external audiences.

    At WLC, we remain rooted in Jesus’ truths – faithful in purpose – providing an academic and Christian faith experience that prepares our students to see their potential and purpose in their everyday life and work. This commitment means our students leave here ready to lead in powerful and world-changing ways.

    When students enroll at WLC, they are continuing their journey – identifying their strengths and career pathways that provide a knowledge of world, self, and purpose. They gain the skills necessary to tackle authentic challenges through service, undergraduate research, clinical experiences, and professional internships. They are prepared to step into culture-shaping roles in society, and they are equipped for life’s critical moments. 

    It is our faithful commitment to our mission – our purpose – that separates us from nearly every other college and university in the nation. It is this purpose that guides our strategic plan and serves as the focus of our comprehensive campaign.  Everything we do is a steadfast reflection of our mission so that our students graduate from Wisconsin Lutheran College ready to surprise the world with a sense of confidence and may live out their lives with purpose and make a meaningful difference – as bold Christian servant leaders.

    Core Values

    The Strategic Planning Committee identified five core values to guide strategy development, planning, and decision making at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

      Rooted in the person and work of Christ, motivated by the gospel, and shaped by the enduring Word of God, we strive to instruct and nurture students in the Christian faith as summarized by the Lutheran Confessions, imbuing all aspects of academics and student life with greater meaning and purpose.

      We give students the knowledge and skills they need to be creative and critical thinkers and effective communicators delivered through experiential and discovery-based learning, innovative teaching and mentoring relationships with highly qualified Christian teaching faculty, and an academically rigorous curriculum.

      We strive to identify and nurture the individual gifts of our students, so they perceive their life’s work not merely as a career but as an important part of God’s work in the world. 

      We find fulfillment in employing our time and talents to improve the lives of our colleagues and our students, collaborating with them to positively impact the world around us and to extend God’s kingdom under the Spirit’s blessing.

      As Christ modeled leadership through service to others, so we understand, embrace, and model for our students the responsibility of stewarding the influence we wield through our relationships with others, taking care to humbly serve God’s purposes in this world and for eternity.

    Core Focus

    Exceptional Student Experience


    Christ-centered Higher Education 

    Five-Year Target

    Guided by our core values, by 2023 Wisconsin Lutheran College strives to enroll 1,310 students (960 Traditional Undergraduate Students and 350 Adult and Graduate Students), provide financial stability, and invest in prioritized programs.

    “Faithful in Purpose” Strategic Plan

    The work of the strategic plan has been rolled up into three key themes, each consisting of multiple initiatives, tactics, and key performance indicators. 

    1. Build awareness and positive sentiments across our constituencies. 
    2. Identify, focus on, and invest in programs that will contribute to the sustainability of the college.
    3. Commitment to continuous improvement, efficiency, and innovation. 
  • THEME #1

    Build awareness and positive sentiments across our constituencies.

    Wisconsin Lutheran College is a nationally ranked leader in providing academic excellence in higher education and graduating students who make a difference as Christian servant leaders at home, in their jobs, and in their community. Much opportunity exists for WLC to share its brand promise with prospective students, enhance its visibility among prospective students, current students, donors, and friends of the college, and improve its impact in all the communities it serves. 

    • Grow our impact in the community
    • Increase enrollment of qualified students to targeted three-year and five-year goals
    • Launch a robust Integrated Marketing and Communication plan
    • Develop and implement a social media strategy, editorial calendar, and collaborative campaign
    • Support a culture of shared communication across the WLC campus and among core constituencies 

    THEME #2

    Identify, focus on, and invest in programs that contribute to the sustainability of the college.

    Wisconsin Lutheran College is committed to the pursuit of excellence and strategic growth of its academic programs. The college has identified current and new signature academic programs in the traditional undergraduate, adult degree completion, and graduate areas. WLC believes that strategic investment in these signature programs positions the institution for future growth and provides additional opportunities to educate and prepare Christian servant leaders.

    • Identify current undergraduate signature programs
    • Identify new traditional undergraduate signature programs 
    • Identify new adult and graduate signature programs 
    • Provide new athletic and fine arts pipeline offerings 
    • Define the process to re-focus/re-allocate investments in all areas of the college 

    THEME #3

    Commitment to continuous improvement, efficiency, and innovation

    In order to position Wisconsin Lutheran College for the future, it is essential to focus on substantive ways to improve, to be more efficient, and to strive for innovation in a variety of contexts. This theme addresses ways to improve the financial stability of WLC, improve student life to meet students' emotional and physical needs, improve academic life to ensure the college provides the faculty expertise, technology, and learning experiences students need to be prepared to enter the workforce. Additionally, the college is committed to creating a more supportive and diverse environment for the WLC campus and adequately serve and support its employees. 

    • Improve financial stability 
    • Improve student life 
    • Improve academic life 
    • Create a more supportive and diverse environment for the campus 
    • Review how we organize, serve, and support all WLC employees