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Christian Leadership Certificate Program

Competing to Make an Impact

The Serve2Lead Impact Challenge was established by our Center for Christian Leadership as an opportunity for students to create servant leadership impact plans that would positively impact the community.

We celebrate academic excellence with honors, we celebrate athletic excellence with awards, and at WLC we celebrate leadership excellence through the Christian Leadership Certificate Program. This program provides an exciting opportunity for students to develop and strengthen their leadership skills. It also prepares students with tangible evidence of their leadership experiences to use out in the world.

The Christian Leadership Certificate Program captures the Wisconsin Lutheran College mission of preparing students for lives of Christian Leadership. This is an application-based program open to undergraduate students. If you wish to apply, please submit your application no later than March 26 of your freshman year.



benefits TO STUDENTS

Get involved and serve others

Studies show that involvement in extracurricular activities has a positive effect on student learning and the overall college experience. Students who are actively engaged are more likely to have success in their college careers.

Build your resume

Not many schools have a similar program, so this will set you apart from other job candidates. Employers like to see that a candidate has strong leadership qualities; it means they have integrity, can motivate themselves and others, and have initiative to go above and beyond!

Gain real life leadership experience and build a personal leadership portfolio

Employers are asking more behavior-based questions to find out candidates' strengths. This program will give you real leadership examples and projects to discuss. Your leadership portfolio will allow you to give tangible evidence of what you have done!

Receive coaching and mentoring in leadership

Students will obtain a mentor from off the WLC campus, which is great for personal development and can be used as a reference.

Network both at WLC and off campus

WLC believes in its students and the impact they have on both the WLC family and the outside community. Through seminars, workshops, and service projects, students will be able to build and strengthen these relationships. It also offers opportunities for potential employment networking!

Gain insight and self-awareness about your leadership style

What type of leader are you? Students can tailor this program to best fit their strengths while they grow both professionally and spiritually.

Receive a certificate and an award

Celebrate the leadership experience and skills you have gained!

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