Aerial view of WLC and MRMC

COVID-19 Updates


  • COVID awareness remains essential
  • People may wear masks or face coverings for various reasons (personal choice, quarantine status, health concerns, etc.); therefore, making assumptions about mask-wearing is irrelevant.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own supply of the following items:
    • Masks in the event they need to quarantine and/or isolate, following CDC guidelines.
    • Rapid COVID tests, in order to take a test if and when symptoms develop. 
  • If a student tests positive for COVID:
    • The student will upload a picture of that test result with their name and the date to Medicat.
    • Students should also send a secure message through Medicat or email
    • The student is responsible for communicating directly with their close contacts.
    • The student is responsible for communicating with appropriate faculty, staff, coaches, etc. regarding their absence and following the CDC Isolation Timeline.
    • The student will isolate in their residence, or they can choose to go home for the designated timeline, following CDC Isolation Guidelines.
  • If a student is notified that they are a close contact to a COVID-positive case:

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