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Art and Graphic Design

Art and Graphic Design majors develop their individual creative skills of visual expression through professional training and personalized guidance. Working alongside a diverse faculty, all of whom have made significant contributions to the art community, students become creative and competent artists as art directors, printmakers, web designers, photographers, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, and illustrators.

  • Wisconsin Lutheran College art majors participate in creative experiences that further develop their God-given talents. The art department offers all students the opportunity to develop their individual skills of visual expression through personalized guidance and professional training. Art courses are designed to promote aesthetic literacy, visual thinking, creative expression, and critical analysis. 

    The art major is designed to prepare competent visual communicators for life and for work in professional art fields and graduate school.

    What Makes the Program Distinctive?

    All students are encouraged to participate in the creative experience and develop their God-given talents as a means to discover the wonders of God's visible creation. Museum trips, gallery tours, guest artists, and visiting professionals are incorporated into courses to enhance the learning experience. Students have traveled to Costa Rica, Norway, and national parks to gain new experiences to bring to their work.


    Community Art Projects

    Students have been involved in making murals for area schools and churches, including the creation mural at Wisconsin Lutheran High School, storybook-themed paintings for the wall of “A Parent's Place” counseling center in Waukesha, various murals throughout Good Shepherd Lutheran School in West Allis, and religious imagery paintings for Christ Lutheran in Pewaukee. The art club regularly participates in the community in a variety of ways, including face painting for kids, making bowls as a project to help the hungry, and holding a pet food collection for a local cat rescue.

    Artist in Residence Experiences

    Students have traveled with Prof. Gjerdset to her artist in residence experiences at U.S. National Parks, including Glacier, Redwood, and Mesa Verde. This experience provides students an understanding of what it is like to work professionally as an artist in these venues, as well as an opportunity to create new artwork related to trip experiences and an examination of God's creation.

    Digitally Engaged Talk & Lecture Series

    The purpose of this series is to promote technology, the humanities, and media design, providing students and the local community an opportunity to meet creative professionals. Students have benefited from listening to and engaging with past speakers, including Serenity Caldwell, associate editor at Macworld; Jason Schwartz, creative director at Bright Bright Great; Chris Coyier, designer at CodePen, writer at CSS-Tricks, and podcaster at ShopTalk; Erin McLaughlin, typeface designer; and Andy Ihnatko, technology columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times.


    Study Abroad Opportunities

    The art department provides students an opportunity to travel with professors every other year, believing it is vital to the life of the art student. Overseas trips have included Norway, Costa Rica, Italy, Iceland, France, and Ireland. Domestic travels have included New York and New England. Trip activities may include such activities as visiting museums and cathedrals, meeting with area artists, making art on location, and seeing unique, inspiring landscapes.

    Milwaukee Community

    WLC's location provides students an opportunity to enjoy the charm of a small school community, as well as the many benefits of a thriving metropolitan area. Milwaukee has long been known for its lively art scene, and ArtPlace America recently named the city a 2013 Top 12 ArtPlace in America. Students can take advantage of Milwaukee's many museums, galleries, creative agencies, and public relations firms, as well as various artist series and art-related events and volunteer opportunities throughout their time at WLC.


    WLC art majors have an opportunity to intern at art galleries, museums, and other locations during their time of study at WLC. Recently, an art major interned for the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, working as an assistant and helping create marketing materials.


    Graduate School

    Some WLC art majors choose to continue their education in graduate school, pursuing either a master of arts degree or master of fine arts degree. Graduates have attended such schools as Sotheby's Institute of Art in London, Mount Mary University, University of Georgia, Kendall College of Art and Design, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Savannah College of Art and Design.

    Career Options

    There are a variety of career options available to an art major. Previous graduates have become middle and high school art teachers, creative directors, art directors, graphic designers, freelance artists, photographers, communication directors, commercial photographers, museum staff, floral designers, and art assistants.


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