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Chad Lindemann

Chad Lindemann Chad Lindemann Art Professor Email: chad.lindemann@wlc.edu Phone: 414.443.8608

Chad Lindemann


  • Bethany Lutheran College – A.A.
  • Augustana College – B.A.
  • Kansas State University – M.F.A.


Chad Lindemann was born in Minnesota. At a very early age, he began drawing. He was influenced by both his father, who is a professional photographer, and his grandfather, who was a gun engraver and a blacksmith. While earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from Augustana College, he was the recipient of the prestigious Spitznagel Award in Art. From then, he attended Kansas State University and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking, the highest degree in studio arts that one can achieve. He began his professional career at Kansas State University teaching figure drawing. He then taught art at Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte, Nebraska, for three years. Chad resides in Milwaukee with his wife and daughter. He serves as a Professor of Art and as Chair, School of Fine Arts.


  • Drawing 1 & 2
  • 2D Design
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Advanced Art Studio
  • Painting 1
  • Web Design 1 & 2
  • Web Concepts for Non-Designers
  • Portfolio Development
  • Printmaking 1, 2, 3 & 4

Research Interests

Lindemann Sans is an immediately inviting typeface with a pleasing distinct visual voice grounded by geometry and golden proportions. This modern geometric san serif typeface serves the interpretive needs of modern design through its legibility. This legibility is achieved through proportional balance of each letter based on the golden ratio, open counters, high x-height and wider individual shapes. In addition, a high level of legibility is arrived through distinctive glyphs like a, e, @, and f, which are engaging and add to Lindemann Sans visual voice.

Being a modern, spirited, tech-savvy typeface, Lindemann Sans has many of the features demanded by today's designers. These features include 800 characters within each font, many ligatures, full numbers sets, small caps, alternative characters and other niceties found in opentype fonts. Due to Lindemann Sans high legibility, geometric sans tradition, and a large feature set list, it is a very versatile typeface and can be used in replacement of the more commonly used sans.

Specifically, Lindemann Sans can be used by technology corporations, architectural firms in their supporting materials, in magazines as headers and key-points, as the typeface for professional keynotes, for the package design industry as a whole, in automotive concept projects, and for cosmetic branding for high class hair products. With its inviting nature it may also be used for liberal arts promotional materials. In addition, this typeface can be used by green industries because of its nature derived proportions.

Each style and weight of Lindemann Sans adheres to the same geometric and golden proportions, however, each weight is innately noteworthy. For example, there is a charm that is found in the ultralight weight's elegant geometry and lights impressive use as oversized headlines. It shines with true clarity of vision with the book weight and the versatility of the medium. One cannot overlook the power and pacing of the bold and extra bold weights with its clear counters and restrained letter forms. Within Lindemann Sans family each weight has a distinctive role to play but stays true to its purpose.

Scholarly Works

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PF Lindemann Sans

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  • Chair, School of Fine Arts
  • Member of AIGA - The Professional Association for Design