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Honors Convocation Recipients

Honors Convocation Recipients

May 07, 2020 by Office of Marketing and Communication Student Achievements
Honors Convocation Recipients

Honored Students Recognized Virtually

MILWAUKEE, WI - On May 7, Wisconsin Lutheran College hosted a virtual Honors Convocation, during which scholarships and special awards were announced via social media to recognize students from many academic programs. 

WLC holds a convocation each year to pay special tribute to students distinguishing themselves through their academic accomplishments. Awards from academic disciplines, programs, and donors are presented to deserving awardees. At WLC, the academic program is founded on the belief that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  Through this annual Honors Convocation, our faculty seeks to glorify and praise God for his blessing on the academic program at WLC.

The College congratulates and thanks all the award recipients for the valuable contributions they have made to the WLC community.

Krueger Family Accounting Merit Scholarship: Brandon Walk 
Awarded to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote students who choose to enter the accounting field.

Tom and Una Kohl Accounting Scholarship: Caleb Mielke
Awarded to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote students who choose to enter the accounting field.

Herbert O. Fleischer Memorial Scholarship: Emma Guld
Presented to a sophomore to recognize and encourage an outstanding biology major.

Lauren Evan Montoure Teske, DDS, MS Scholarship: Sandhya Akella
Awarded to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote a junior or senior female biology major who plans to pursue graduate studies in the health sciences, with preference given to someone who is interested in a career in dentistry.

CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Reidun Meier and Shahbeg Singh
Awarded to a freshman chemistry student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and a high interest in chemistry.

Mary Heins Scholarship for Excellence in Communication: Millicent Selenka
Presented to a communication or communicative arts major who maintains a GPA of 3.4 in the major; demonstrates exemplary writing, public speaking, classroom leadership, and interpersonal skills; and demonstrates a commitment to Christian servant leadership on campus, in church, or in the community.

Didaskalos Award: Alyssa Charron
Presented to an education major who demonstrates concern for student achievement and welfare, desire for ongoing learning, and personal Christian values.

English Scholarship: Al Dickenson
Awarded to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote an English major who will be a junior or senior and who demonstrates academic excellence in this field of study. 

Renaissance Award: Michelle Boldt
Presented to a multi-dimensional scholar citizen and English major whose contribution to English courses and the larger community is outstanding.

Dan and Lisa Leffel Award in History: Lydia Schroeder
Presented to support, acknowledge, encourage, and promote students who choose to enter the history field.

Glen and Beth Thompson History Scholarship: Cory Diedrick
Awarded to an outstanding history major who has expressed a desire to pursue advanced or graduate study. The recipient must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or be invited to apply by a member of the history faculty.

Melvin and Marion Meyer Human Social Services Scholarship: Karis Strand
Presented to a full-time human social services major who consistently demonstrates servant leadership through serving the needs of others.

Freshman Honors in Mathematics Award: Joshua Hennen, Alyssa Schuh, Grace Stroh, and Stuart Woller
Presented to students for outstanding performance during their freshman year in mathematics courses at the level of Calculus 1 or higher.

Golden Lyre Award: Jayme Brahmsteadt and Rachel Sebald
Awarded in recognition of talent and contributions to the programs of the music department of Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Cantabile Award: Rebecca Holm and Erik Pyatt
Presented to a student who has demonstrated leadership and excellence in the choral program at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Fanfare Award: Megan Steer and Allison Wick 
Presented to a student in recognition of musical talent and contributions to the music department in the area of instrumental music.

Nurse Pioneer Award: Kayla DuMez
Presented to a nursing student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities such as courage, creativity, or service during the previous year.

Future Nursing Leader Award Nominee: Rebecca Krogmann
Nursing schools in Wisconsin annually nominate a graduating student for the Future Nursing Leader Award. The student must have demonstrated leadership qualities, served as a mentor to other students, participated in community activities, made a significant contribution to their school, and been active in the school's Student Nurses' Association.

Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society: Grace Tomhave, Brynn Alfred, Taylor Schulz, Heather Holtz, Samantha Hagenow, Rebekka Olsen, and Sarah Graham
Presented to nursing majors who have demonstrated professionalism, leadership, and academic integrity and meet the following academic requirements: a 3.5 GPA in the senior year and in the upper 35% of the class, or a 3.75 GPA in the junior year and in the upper 10% of the class.

Kepler Scholarship: Grant Hammer
Presented to a student who is pursuing a major or minor in physics and who exhibits virtues of the intellect and of character.

Pre-Law Scholarship: Ella Kramer
Awarded to qualified junior or senior pre-law students as a way to recognize their academic and co-curricular achievements, as well as to financially support them in preparation for eventual law school studies and future careers as attorneys.

PSI CHI, the International Honor Society in Psychology: Lauren Bacik, Michelle Boldt, Kayla DuMez, Melissa Ericson, Katrina Hochmuth, Joshua Kell, Alyssa Leitzke, Ben Petersen, Jordan Weide, and Hannah Wolfrath
Presented to a psychology major or minor who has demonstrated excellence in academic achievement in psychology and a commitment to psychological science and Christian service.

Servant Leader in Psychology Scholarship: Travis Yakich
Awarded to a psychology major who has demonstrated Christ-centered servant leadership in college-sponsored service projects and is an active participant in the WLC Psycho-Social Club.

Dolores E. Rudolph Endowed Scholarship: Christian Eiland, Jenna Mace, and Matayah Pethke 
Awarded to a sophomore or junior who has declared a sport and exercise science major, has a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and has shown commitment in the classroom.

Meyer Family Scholarship: Morgan Tramburg
Awarded to a sophomore or junior who has maintained a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher, who has declared either a coaching minor or sport and exercise science major, and has displayed excellence in either of these academic areas.

Ray and Denise Terrell Scholarship: Madison Sampson
Awarded to a sophomore or junior sport and exercise science major who has a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher.

Roger Fleming Senior Scholar Athlete Award: Colin Biesterfeld and Melissa Ericson
Presented to a graduating senior who over at least seven semesters has maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.4, earned at least two varsity letters in a specific sport, and demonstrated Christian leadership on campus.

Christian Leadership Certificate: Veronica Anderson, Anna Buchmeyer, Michelle Boldt, Elise Bock, Alissa Dubiak, Samantha Kalski, Joshua Murphy, Amanda Schneider, Jordan Veers, and David Wilson
Awarded to graduating seniors for successful completion of the Christian Leadership Certificate Program, recognizing their commitment to Christian servant leadership with excellence.

Sharon A. Schoeneck Christian Women's Leadership Scholarship: Anna Grepo
Awarded to acknowledge, encourage, and promote the tremendous talents of our young Christian women.

WLC Alumni Scholarship: Isaiah Lenz
Presented to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence, co-curricular involvement, and Christian character.

Gary and Sandra Greenfield Christian Leadership Scholarship: ZiYi Wu, Zechariah Jung, and Brady Coulthard
Presented to a student who has displayed exemplary Christian leadership, as demonstrated to us by the college's first full-time president and his wife.

Student Commencement Speaker: Emily Frey
Nominated by the faculty and chosen by classmates.