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Kevin W. Glaeske

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  • Education

    B.S. Beloit College – Chemistry & Classical Literature
    Ph.D. University of Utah – Organic Chemistry


    For the last two plus decades I have been privileged to teach chemistry at WLC. Even though my background includes study of both the humanities and the sciences, I have largely taught chemistry here at WLC. I still consider the liberal arts valuable and important for the 21st century student. Sometimes my lectures contain obscure references to The Odyssey. Off campus usually finds me playing baseball or Lego with my sons or pondering the usage of interrobangs.


    • CHE 101 Fundamentals of Chemistry
    • CHE 161 General Chemistry I
    • CHE 168 General Chemistry Laboratory I
    • CHE 221 Organic Chemistry I
    • CHE 222 Organic Chemistry II
    • CHE 228 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
    • CHE 229 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
    • ESS 182 Environmental Science

    Research Interests

    My formal scholarly training is in the area of synthetic organic chemistry; particularly trying to synthesize derivatives of α-amino acids. This has manifested itself in me trying to synthesize these molecules by reacting copper catalysts with α-diazocarbonyls. The resulting morphonlones can be converted into α-amino acids by trivial means. Even though more students have worked on this project, I have mentored students on projects as diverse as ecology or assaying the biological activity of sulfa drugs.

    Scholarly Works

    Review Article: Kevin W. Glaeske, and William A. Donaldson; “Recent Applications of the Simple Hydrocarbon Cyclooctatetrene as a Starting Material for Complex Molecule Synthesis,” Mini-reviews in Organic Chemistry, 2012, 9, pp.31-43.

    Poster presentation: Sulfonamides:  A Very Interdisciplinary class of Molecules!  Kimberly A. Haley, Kevin W. Glaeske, Jarrod L. Erbe, Jordan E. Liesener, and Andrew A. Mundt, CHED 82, presented at 238th ACS National Meeting Washington, D.C. August 16-19, 2009.

    Journal Article: The Design of God in a Rose, Glaeske, K.W., The Lutheran Educator, 2004, 44, 110-112,

    Journal Article: Stereoselective formation and rearrangement of morpholinium ylides derived from copper carbenoids, Glaeske, K.W.; Naidu, B.N.; West, F.G., Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2003, 14, 917-920.

    Journal Article: Making sense of Terpenes: A look into Biological Chemistry, Glaeske, K.W.; Boehlke, P. E., The American Biology Teacher, 2002, 64, 208-211.

    Poster Presentation: Making Sense of Terpenes:  A Biological Chemistry lab project for Liberal Arts Chemistry, Glaeske, K.W.; Boehlke, P.R., SCI-MIX, 222nd American Chemical Society National Meeting, Chicago, IL.  August 27, 2001 (Abstract #CHED 84).

    Journal Article: Chirality Transfer from Carbon to Nitrogen to Carbon via Cyclic Ammonium Ylides, Glaeske, K.W.; West, F.G., Org. Letters1999, 1, 31-33.

    Journal Article: Substituted Aminoketones and a-Amino Esters Via Ammonium Ylide [1,2]-Shifts, West, F.G.; Glaeske, K.W.; Naidu, B.N., Synthesis, 1993, 977.

    Poster Presentation: Direct Synthesis of Amino Acid Derivatives fromTertiary Amines and Diazocarbonyl Compounds, 203rd  American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, CA.  April 5-10, 1992 (Abstract #ORGN 462).


    • Chair of Chemistry Department (2010-present)
    • Faculty Athletic Representative (1996-present)

    Professional Memberships

    • Chemist Circle (2001-present)
    • American Chemical Society (1988-present)