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Donald R. Kudek

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Assistant Professor of Business Administration



  • Education

    • B.S., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Business with Marketing Emphasis
    • M.B.A., Bradley University, Emphasis in International Marketing
    • Ph.D., Regent University, Organizational Leadership


    Prior to teaching at Wisconsin Lutheran College, I held senior management positions, within multiple disciplines, for companies in various industries. I began my career in the marketing department of the country's largest domestic manufacturer of knit accessories and rose to the position of International Marketing Director responsible for all international sales and procurement.

    I was then hired to use my skills and gifts to help establish the International Trade Center (ITC) at the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship on the campus of Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. The center was responsible for assisting businesses in the development of international marketing plans and the execution of the plan through various activities such as workshops, seminars, trade shows and student research projects. While there I co-authored a workbook, International Business Planning for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, used in various colleges to assist student senior capstone projects in the development of international marketing plans for business clients.

    Following a successful launch of the trade center, I was recruited by a Fortune 500 retailer to revamp its international activities, including procurement, logistics, finance, and U.S. Customs activities. My responsibilities grew to include all of the cash management functions, payroll, and risk management, eventually serving as Corporate Treasurer of the organization.

    Given my marketing, finance, and international experience, I was recruited by a large Midwestern bank to oversee it treasury management activities as well as the international department. I was responsible for pricing, marketing, and product development of the corporation's Treasury Management products and coordinating the sales efforts through regional sales managers.

    My past career activities in marketing, international business, and finance, along with more than 20 years of being an adjunct college instructor, allow me to bring a unique perspective to students. I believe my diverse career was God training me to be ready to accept the call to train future Christian business leaders at WLC.


    • BUS 150 - Introduction to Business
    • BUS 181 - Principles of Microeconomics
    • BUS 182 - Principles of Macroeconomics
    • BUS 240 - Marketing Principles
    • BUS 250 - Management Principles
    • BUS 301 - Business Ethics
    • BUS 352 - Organizational Behavior
    • BUS 385 - International Entrepreneurship 
    • BUS 386 - International Economics
    • BUS 391 - Special Topics in Social Media Marketing
    • BML 312 - Strategic Marketing
    • BML 422 - Managing People in Organizations

    Research Interests

    My research interests include the study of leadership, followership, and how these two important tasks are needed in both the business community as well as the nonprofit community. Student research has included the impact of student group activity for self-chosen teams versus professor assigned teams.

    Scholarly Works

    Scholarly Presentations/Papers

    • 2017 - Presented Correlation between Job Satisfaction and the Supervisor’s Leadership Style within the Milwaukee Police Department at the International Leadership Association 19th Annual Global Conference - Brussels, Belgium.
    • 2017 - Presented Diffusion of Followership concept paper at the International Leadership Association 19th Annual Global Conference - Brussels, Belgium.   
    • 2016 - Presented Self-Chosen Student Work Teams - Is there an issue for students not getting their first choice? at the 21st annual International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences Conference - Miami, Florida.
    • 2016 - Published paper - Self-Chosen Student Groups - What is the student impact if one is not part of his/her ideal team? - International Journal of Teaching and Education Vol IV, No. 2. Published by the International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences.

    Other Scholarly Papers in Progress

    • 2017 - Scholarly Paper - Followership and the Relationship between Kelley’s Followership styles and the Big Five Factor Model of Personality 
    • 2015 - Scholarly Paper - Qualitative Study Proposal - Can the Firehouse Culture be applied to other Organizations?
    • 2015 - Scholarly Paper - Nehemiah - An example of a passionate leader in action
    • 2015 - Scholarly Paper - Evaluating Transactional, Transformational, and Authentic Leadership across the cultures of Germany, Hong Kong, and the United States of America
    • 2015 - Scholarly Paper - Parable of the Talents - An example of Transactional or Laissez-Faire Leadership?
    • 2014 - Scholarly Paper - The Use of a Fire Truck Metaphor to Describe the Working of an Organization


    Giving back to the church and the community has been a major focus throughout my professional career. Serving in leadership roles in the areas of evangelism, church expansion, and school board functions at various past congregations has been a big part of my past. In addition to church work, I have served on the Board of Directors for a large, multi-site early education organization, including two years as Board Chairman. In addition I served on the organization's executive and endowment committees.