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Sarah Haugly

Sarah Haugly Sarah Haugly Nursing Assistant Professor Email: sarah.haugly@wlc.edu Phone: 414.443.8559

Sarah Haugly


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Wisconsin Lutheran College
  • Master of Science in Nursing Education - University of Phoenix


While in nursing school, I realized I had a strong interest in pediatrics and had the opportunity to complete my senior preceptorship at Children’s Wisconsin. I started working on the acute care general surgery floor there after graduation and went on to receive my MSN in Nursing Education. A few years later, I began adjuncting for WLC’s nursing program and accepted a part-time call in 2018. I teach the pediatrics course for the program as well as the nursing skills lab. I enjoy having a dual role caring for patients at the bedside and teaching students how to be competent nurses. This allows me to stay current in my practice and pass that knowledge along to my students.


  • NUR 317 - Foundations of Nursing Practice Lab
  • NUR 420 - Child and Adolescent Health
  • NUR 428 - Child and Adolescent Health Practicum

Research Interests

  • Non-surgical treatment options for pediatric appendicitis
  • Preventing peripheral IV infiltrates in pediatrics  


  • Peripheral IV Infiltrate/Extravasation Committee

Professional Memberships

  • Society of Pediatric Nursing
  • National League of Nursing (NLN)
  • Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Nursing Association (WELSNA)