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Evan Witz

Evan Witz Evan Witz Mathematics Assistant Professor Email: evan.witz@wlc.edu Phone: 414.443.8836

Evan Witz


  • B.S., Mathematics, Wisconsin Lutheran College, 2015

  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2022


Hello! My name is Evan Witz and I’m a member of the Math faculty here at WLC. I grew up in the Milwaukee area, attending Atonement Lutheran and Wisconsin Lutheran High School. After four wonderful years as a student at Wisconsin Lutheran College, I applied for graduate programs while working as a software developer in downtown Milwaukee, eventually being accepted to a Ph.D. program in Mathematics out East in Worcester, Massachusetts. While there, I studied an area of mathematics known as Analysis and eventually made my way into the field of Data Science, specifically focusing on deep learning, even more specifically focusing on radio signals in an over-water environment. While preparing my dissertation defense, I accepted the call to return to Wisconsin and join the faculty here at WLC.

I am a member at St. Marcus in Milwaukee. In my free time, I enjoy singing bass with various choral groups and competitive gaming.


  • MAT 116 - Survey of Contemporary Mathematics

  • MAT 117 - Elementary Statistics

  • MAT 118 - Modeling Approach to College Algebra

  • MAT 224 - Calculus 3 Multivariable Calculus

  • MAT 352 - Intro to Statistics

  • MAT 391 - Special Topics: Machine Learning


  • Barger, M., Witz, E., Paffenroth, R., Enhancing Neural Network Performance for Problems in the Physical Sciences: Applications to Electromagnetic Signal Source Localization, Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, 2023
  • “How Does My Phone Know What I’m Saying? An Introduction to Deep Learning,” WLC Math and Friends Seminar, March 2023
  • “Using Network Gradients to Examine Underlying Data Structure in Electromagnetics,” Joint Math Meetings, Jan 2023
  • “Deep Learning for Range Localization via Over-Water Electromagnetic Signals,” IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications, Dec 2021
  • Witz, E., Barger, M., Paffenroth, R., Deep Learning for Range Localization via Over-Water Electromagnetic Signals, 2021 20th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), 2021


  • Mathematical Association of America

  • Project NExT Fellow (Green ’23)