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Theology Major

Theology courses play a central role in the spiritual and academic growth of students at Wisconsin Lutheran College. They are required to take a number of theology courses to fulfill general degree requirements. Surveys of Scripture, biblical studies, systematic theology and practical theology courses are combined to provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and Christian service.

A major in theology is designed for the student who seeks to prepare for personal or professional ministry. Students choosing to major can follow one of three tracks: broad-field, biblical studies, or historical theology.

Students are strongly recommended to pair their theology major with another major at WLC. In the past, students have found success with double-majors in theology and psychology, theology and history, and theology and English. As the heart and soul of a Christian liberal arts college, theology can be fruitfully paired with nearly any academic discipline.

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Michael Berg
Michael Berg Theology Associate Professor 414.443.8834 michael.berg@wlc.edu
Wade Johnston
Wade Johnston History, Theology Associate Professor 414.443.8865 wade.johnston@wlc.edu
Jason Oakland
Jason Oakland Theology Assistant Professor 414.443.8820 jason.oakland@wlc.edu