Human Social Services Resources

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Together in Christ, the Human Social Services club serves Wisconsin Lutheran College and the community by providing learning opportunities, creating an organized response to need, and lending a helping hand. Together, we can make a better world.

Are you interested in helping others?

This is the organization for you. Through the HSS Club, we are providing opportunities to help others in the community by demonstrating servant leadership. Present opportunities include: Food pantry, Urban Threads, and The Gathering. 

Do you know what Human Services is?

Human Services is a broad term for many different kinds of job titles. For example, psychologist, social workers, counselors, therapists, claims workers (welfare), and residential-care workers fall under this term.

Do you know the difference between a Human Service worker and a Social Worker?

Everyone is invited to HSS club meetings to learn more about the Human Social Services major, to meet and talk with guest speakers, and to get involved with volunteer opportunities.


  • Non-Profit work in Milwaukee:
  • Work for the Summer Treatment Program (STP) serving children with ADHD and related impairments at Florida International University. Position descriptions, application forms, and instructions are available on their website.