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Warrior OneCard

The Warrior OneCard is Wisconsin Lutheran College’s official photo identification card and much more. Your first Warrior OneCard is FREE. Avoid the cost of replacing a lost card - remember to return to campus with your current Warrior OneCard.


    Warrior OneCard image

    New students will receive their Warrior OneCard when they are on campus for an event such as the President's Welcome Luncheon or during Warrior Orientation and Welcome Weekend. Please remember to bring the card to campus with you at the start of the semester.

    Bring your Warrior OneCard with you when you return each semester as well. If you misplace your card, you can obtain a replacement card for $25.

    Your Warrior OneCard is the property of Wisconsin Lutheran College and must be surrendered upon request. Students are responsible for their card at all times. The Warrior OneCard is non-transferable and may only be used by the card owner. Students are responsible for all Warrior OneCard debit transactions and use associated with their card.


    In addition to serving as your official WLC student photo identification, your Warrior OneCard gives you easy access to campus facilities and services. Also:

    • All students have their own library barcode printed on the back of the card.
    • The magnetic stripe encodes many more services, such as meal swipes and meal plans.
    • Add general funds, which can be used on campus at many locations.
    • Use it to check in to work out in the Recreation Complex.
    • Door and parking garage access can be given to students depending on their residence or classroom needs.


    The Warrior OneCard office is located in the Information Technology area on the second floor of the B wing in the Greenfield Administration Building. Call us at 414.443.8911 or email us. The OneCard office is open Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. when classes are in session.

    Contact Public Safety at 414.443.8500 to report a lost or stolen card 24/7. 


    Cards damaged from normal use: If your OneCard's magnetic stripe has stopped functioning, or your library barcode is unreadable, you can get a replacement card for free by bringing in your current OneCard.

    Cards damaged from abusive use: If you have abused your OneCard (i.e. punched a hole in the card or broke it in half), a replacement card will cost $5, even if the magnetic stripe appears to not function or the barcode is unreadable. You must bring in the damaged card and pay the replacement fee  to receive a new card.


    General funds added to your Warrior OneCard are part of a prepaid declining balance account. You may use general funds on campus at the following locations:

    • Warriors Fan Shop
    • Recreation Complex Concessions
    • Vending Machines
    • Courtyard Café
    • Brewhaus
    • Outdoor Athletic Complex Concessions
    • Library Copier

    Add money to your General Fund via the Automatic Deposit Machine (ADM) in the Campus Center. Deposits are available for immediate use. You also may add money in the Business Office using cash or a check. Funds are generally available to use by the following business day. General Funds will remain active on your account as long as you are a current WLC student. Download the General Funds Deposit Form.

    Your meal plan funds, in the form of meal swipes and meal points, are also included on your Warrior OneCard. For details, visit the Meal Plans webpage.


    • Immediately report your missing card to the Warrrior OneCard Office by calling 414.443.8911, or by emailing Information Technology.
    • Your Warrior OneCard will be placed on hold. You have the option of purchasing a replacement card for $25 or keeping your card on hold until you find it.
    • Please remember that once a card has been placed on hold, it cannot be used by anyone, including you!
    • If you find your card, please stop by the Information Technology Office to have it reactivated, or email Information Technology; we will contact you once it has been reactivated.
    • There are no refunds given once a new card has been printed, even if you find the old one.