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A major in theology is designed for the student who seeks to prepare for personal or professional ministry. Students who choose a theology major will generally be advised to seek a double major in their bachelor's degree program.

  • Theology courses play a central role in the spiritual and academic growth of students at Wisconsin Lutheran College. They are required to take a number of theology courses to fulfill general degree requirements. Surveys of Scripture, biblical studies, systematic theology, historical theology, and practical theology courses are combined to provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and Christian service.  

    What Makes the Program Distinctive?

    The faculty serves as mentors and resources to students majoring in theology and other disciplines. Each faculty member brings years of experience working in churches to their instruction. In addition, faculty members in the theology department serve the wider church as guest preachers, teachers, and consultants.

    WLC’s theology department seeks to stress the biblical truth of being regularly “in the Word” through both an academic study of theology and by faithful public worship and personal devotional time. The theology curriculum is taught from a confessional Lutheran perspective, with a distinct emphasis on teaching students to “think biblically” and to have a “Christ-centered worldview.” With traditional undergraduate students completing 12 credits of theology throughout their time at WLC, the theology faculty is truly devoted to producing graduates who are ready to be Christian servant-leaders for their church, vocation, and society.


    Theology Tracks

    Students choosing to major in theology can follow one of three tracks: broad-field, biblical studies, or historical theology.

    Majoring in Theology

    WLC's theology department strongly recommends that all students interested in a theology major consider adding another major to their studies. In the past, students have found success with double-majors in theology and psychology, theology and history, and theology and English. As the heart and soul of a Christian liberal arts college, theology can be fruitfully paired with nearly any academic discipline.


    Travel Opportunities

    Every other year WLC's theology faculty members coordinate a study-abroad trip to provide students with an opportunity to experience biblical locations and landmarks. Previous destinations include Greece, Turkey, and Italy. An upcoming trip focuses on the lands of Jesus and Moses, including multiple locations in Israel and Jordan.

    Worship Opportunities

    WLC students can take advantage of several worship opportunities on WLC's campus, including weekday Matins and Chapel services, a weekly Vespers service, Sunday morning worship, plus Bible studies and fellowship events. In addition, students are able to worship with a number of congregations in the area.


    The theology program at Wisconsin Lutheran College helps prepare strong-minded Christian leaders capable of success in nearly any career. The theology curriculum truly touches each and every student graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran College, providing a solid foundation for a lifetime of Christian service.


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