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Study Abroad

One of the most rewarding experiences you can have during your college career is studying abroad. Living in another country, meeting people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world, and immersing yourself in a new culture will change you in positive, unexpected ways.

Students who study abroad at WLC do so through an agency or a faculty-led academic experience. All courses taken through study abroad agencies at international institutions will be pre-approved for transfer back to WLC. Contact Study Abroad Coordinator Eric Ulm at 414.443.8817 or by email for more information.


    WLC faculty members organize and lead courses and other academic experiences in various places around the globe. These programs are generally two to three weeks in length and are held over J Term or the Summer Session. Most are taken for academic credit.

    Destinations include China, England, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Italy, Jamaica, Turkey, and Zambia.


    WLC students who wish to study abroad are encouraged to look through the following links to see which program  best fits their needs. Though WLC does not limit participation to specific providers, the following have already been used by students and are recommended by the Study Abroad Coordinator.

    Note: Students may research other providers or they may enroll in an international institution directly. Students will be advised in choosing the appropriate study abroad program and must receive pre-approval of their program in conjunction with the Study Abroad Coordinator and appropriate faculty members.

    Study Abroad Program Providers