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Campus Publicity Request Form

In order to enhance communication on campus, student leaders should submit a Publicity Request Form for all on or off campus activities, events, or fundraisers, not less than 3 weeks prior to the event in order to be considered by the Office of Student Life.

  • All events that include a guest speaker, musical artist,¬†entertainer, or fundraiser, must be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the event.

    All guest speakers, artists and entertainers will be required to sign a Christian Contract and an Event Agreement before official booking can take place. On behalf of the Office of Student Life, all contracts, riders, and agreements will be coordinated through the Student Programming office. All fundraisers will have to be approved by the Office of Student Life.

    Important Note: Students should not at any time extend official invitations or make official bookings with speakers or artists, or sign contracts and riders on behalf of their organization or Wisconsin Lutheran College.

    As a student leader, you are an integral part of developing and enhancing student life at Wisconsin Lutheran College and have the right to be notified throughout the process regarding event approval, contract status, payment status, and additional details of the rider.

    All decisions regarding event or fundraiser approval can be appealed to the Director of Student Programming or the Vice President of Student Life.

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