Important Info for New Students

Get details on Class Schedules, Health Services, Meals, Mail, Student Support, Textbooks, Vehicles on Campus, and the Warrior OneCard.

Class Schedules

Be sure to review your class schedule on myWLC. Speak with the Registrar regarding questions or concerns on your class schedule.

Health Services

Wisconsin Lutheran College is committed to promoting good health to ensure our students' academic success. We have a health care practitioner on campus every weekday, and a professional counselor also is available. Many services can be accessed at the Student Health Center, from simple over-the-counter medications, to injury and illness assessments, physicals, travel screenings, lab work, TB tests, and most vaccinations. When you access care on campus, your services at WLC are covered 100% and you pay nothing.

While the Student Health Center is a great resource and can handle many health concerns, having access to more care is essential. Emergencies arise, and health concerns can escalate and require more urgent care. We encourage you to carefully look over your personal health insurance policy, be sure you are eligible for benefits, and ensure that there are providers near WLC that accept your insurance coverage. It is also helpful to understand your deductible levels and preauthorization requirements. Be sure that the student is aware of where and how to best use their insurance coverage and that they have an insurance card with them at all times and have provided a copy to the Student Health Center. More information can be found at


The college food service is provided by Sodexo Corporation. All students living on campus must participate in a food program. Commuting students are not required to enroll in a campus meal plan, but may purchase individual meals throughout the year using cash or money deposited on their Warrior OneCard. Students with allergies or dietary restrictions are encouraged to talk with Jim Glinos, the general manager, who will work with students individually.


The mailroom is located in the Warrior Underground. Mailbox numbers will be assigned to all new students when they arrive on campus. Mailbox keys may be picked up during business hours. The address for all students is 8800 W. Bluemound Road, Mailbox # _____. Mailbox numbers should be included on every mailing.

Student Support

Students with Educational Support Plans (IEPs, 504s, etc.) or who are interested in information regarding Disability Services/accommodations should contact Karen Sitz in the WLC Support Office, 414.443.8797. To best serve students, it is recommended that plans be in place prior to the beginning of the semester.


A list of required books by course will be available online at the WLC e-bookstore. Books should be ordered before arriving on campus; no books are available for purchase on campus. To order online, go to

Vehicles on Campus

Parking is very limited. All campus parking spaces for residents have already been distributed to upperclassmen. Commuting student spaces are still available. If you are a new student with a verifiable medical, academic, and/or special circumstances and wish to be considered for parking, you may obtain an application from Johnson Controls and mail it to the address listed on the form. Do not send payment, and remember to include all necessary documentation regarding your special circumstance and vehicle registration. Information regarding parking, including links to street parking regulations in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, is available at

Warrior OneCard

The Warrior OneCard is an identification card that is necessary for all students in order to access buildings, pay for meals, and use library materials and other services. Money can be deposited on your card's declining balance fund through the Business Office or the Automatic Deposit Machine (ADM) to purchase items around campus.

Warrior OneCards are printed and activated in the Technology Office and can be picked up in B212 after you arrive on campus. Remember to keep your OneCard with you at all times - this is an identification card and should be guarded. If your card is lost, notify the Technology Office or WLC Public Safety for deactivation. The Technology Office should be one of your first stops when you arrive on campus because Warrior OneCards are needed to eat lunch and gain access to your residence hall.