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WOW Summer Camp

July 18-19, 2014

Meet new friends and prepare for your first year of college at an optional, off-campus, overnight opportunity. Space is limited for this fun pilot program, which is being held in Camp Lake, Wisconsin. 

  • Register online today! Your cost is $25.
  • Need more information? The camp schedule, staff bios, and a packing list are available below.
  • Questions? Please contact Barb Westness, 414.443.8813, or email
  • Note: This program is an optional WOW experience for new students and is not mandatory. It does not fulfill the requirement of attending WOW Weekend.

WOW Summer Camp Schedule

Friday, July 18

Noon Welcome luncheon and registration at WLC Outdoor Athletic Complex

1 p.m. Depart from WLC Outdoor Athletic Complex

2 p.m. Arrive at Camp Lake, Wisconsin

Afternoon: Get to know you activities, games, personal growth, spiritual growth

After Dinner: Photo scavenger hunt, Warriors traditions, dance/skit competition, campfire

Saturday, July 19  

After Breakfast: Academic excellence, giving back (a life of service), low ropes, paddle boats

After Lunch: Free time at camp (volleyball, hike, etc.)

3 p.m. Depart from Camp Lake, Wisconsin

4 p.m. Arrive at WLC Outdoor Athletic Complex 

Packing List

Download a packing list for WOW Summer Camp

2014 WOW Camp Packing List 

Meet the WOW Summer Camp Staff

2014 WOW Camp Jacob

Hometown: Viola, Wisconsin
Major: Communicative Arts
Favorite Campus Event: Sock-Out
Favorite Warrior-ism: Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior
Interesting Fact: J.R.R. Tolkien typed The Lord of the Rings using two fingers!
Most Memorable Experience at WLC: The Wolfpack performing at the Variety Show
Advice for New Students: Get involved and get to know new people and have fun! However, don't join every single club and organization - you need to remember that studying comes first, so you need to go to class.

2014 WOW Camp Alex

Hometown: Woodbury, Minnesota
Major: Sport and Exercise Science
Favorite Campus Location: The Warrior Underground (WU)
Favorite Warrior-ism: Phat Tuesday
Interesting Fact: I have never been out of the country
Most Memorable Experience at WLC: Winterfest!
Advice for New Students: Join a few clubs and organizations. It's the best way to get involved on campus! Plus, it's a ton of fun!

2014 WOW Camp Sierra

Hometown: Lake Mills, Wisconsin
Major: Biochemistry
Favorite Campus Location: Dr. Werner and Dr. Henkel's research lab
Interesting Fact: I take care of three Whites Tree Frogs!
Most Memorable Experience at WLC: Presenting research with my iGEM team in Toronto
Advice for New Students: Remember why you are at WLC, but also try new things! Get outside your comfort zone. Just because you are new to this school, it doesn't mean you cannot be involved in awesome things right away on campus. Reach out and make connections.

2014 WOW Camp Daniel

Hometown: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Major: Biology
Favorite Campus Event: Bowl for a Buck
Favorite Warrior-ism: Nun Run
Interesting Fact: I can whistle and hum at the same time
Most Memorable Experience at WLC: Choir Tour to England and Ireland
Advice for New Students: Learn how to manage your time. Be studious but also have fun. Go out and experience new things and make friends.