Study Abroad as a WLC student

One of the most rewarding experiences you can have during your college career is studying abroad. Living in another country, meeting people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world, and learning a new culture will change you in positive, unexpected ways.

Study Abroad

Students who are interested in studying abroad will do so with various agencies or on a WLC Faculty-led academic experience. All courses taken through study abroad agencies at international institution will be pre-approved for transfer back to WLC.

Where should I go?

What are your academic goals, personal interests, and aspirations? The world is open to you. WLC students have studied in England, Spain, China, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Fiji, to name only a handful. You will work with the Study Abroad Coordinator to find the right country and program that fits your needs.

Faculty-led Academic Opportunities

WLC faculty members organize and lead courses and other academic experiences in various places around the globe. Common recurring trips go to Italy, England, and Germany. These programs are generally two to three weeks in length and are held over J Term or the Summer Session and vary from year-to-year. All programs are credit-bearing unless otherwise noted.

Learn More & Apply

Study Abroad advising sessions designed for students who are at the very beginning stages of the study abroad process, or are curious to learn more. Topics covered include: types of study abroad programs, choosing a program, academic and scheduling procedures, and financial aid.

Apply to study abroad in person with the Study Abroad Coordinator, in the Registrar's Office in the Administration Building, room A204.

Eric Ulm, Study Abroad Coordinator