Educational Phases

It is the goal of Wisconsin Lutheran College to lead student employees through educational phases. These phases are not assigned to students, but are based on "behind the scenes" efforts by the supervisors and team leaders to guide students in their progression of employee development. These are not organized by year. Instead, supervisors and team leaders work with their student employees to help the students gain valuable experiences to apply to future positions in their choice career following graduation.

1. Orientation Phase:

  • Intensive training (general and specific departments) including: phone skills, building hours, directions, confidentiality (including giving out students’ phone numbers), safety, department technology, customer service, time management, etc.
  • Completing assigned small projects, gaining responsibility, department basics
  • Learning about campus employment policies, definitions, and procedures
  • Learning the significance of each department (marketing and communication, student life, financial aid, etc.)
  • Reporting to the department supervisor or team leader
  • Completing performance review under aid of the supervisor and/or team leader

2. Journeyman Phase:

  • Shadowing Supervisory Phase workers
  • Earning more responsibilities such as completing special projects
  • Assisting in the training of co-workers in the Orientation Phase

3. Supervisory Phase:

  • Serving as Team Leader
  • Supervising, teaching, and mentoring team members
  • Networking and gathering references for real-world experience

or Special Projects Phase:

  • Completing assigned specific tasks, or projects
  • Organizing and running events
  • Coordinating and presenting proposals from the department supervisor
  • Reporting directly to the supervisor
  • Training next year's Special Projects worker