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Andrew Zimdars

Andy ZimdarsGraduate Program Enrollment Advisor & Strategic Partnership Liaison



  • Education

    Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication ‘07 - Wisconsin Lutheran College
    Teacher Licensing ‘10 - Wisconsin Lutheran College
    Master of Arts degree in Leadership & Innovation ‘16 - Wisconsin Lutheran College

    Advising Programs

    • Master of Arts: Leadership & Innovation, High Performance Instruction, Special Education, Instructional Technology
    • Master of Arts - Teaching (teacher licensing)

    My role as an enrollment advisor is multifaceted, but my number one goal and focus is to make sure you, the student, have a resource you can count on when considering returning to school to help navigate that decision and process. While I am here to answer all of your initial questions related to program structure, finances (cost & financial aid), time to completion, and admissions steps, I am first interested in your “why” - why are you motivated to continue your education? And how do we build out a plan around your “why” to help you reach your educational goals?

    Advice for students looking to continue their education:

    1. Lean on your support system. Students who have a strong support system are more likely to persist and complete their educational endeavors. Find someone(s) who you know you can lean on to support you when your motivation to continue is being challenged.
    2. Prioritize your education. Time is elastic - we don’t get more time in a day, but we can stretch time to accommodate the things that we prioritize. If your education is something you are willing to prioritize, you can fit this into your busy schedule. 
    3. Let’s build a plan. The idea of going back to school and all that goes into it can be overwhelming. Sitting down with an advisor to map out a plan for course scheduling, time management, tuition costs, etc. can help to make things less daunting and provide a clear path for accomplishing your goals.  

    StrengthsQuest Profile Strengths

    Harmony, Consistency, Belief, Responsibility, Arranger