Mission Statement

Wisconsin Lutheran College is dedicated to making intramural sports a part of campus life. The Warrior Intramural Program (WIP) will be an asset to students as a valuable recreation tool as well as giving students the opportunity to develop good team work and leadership skills. WIP provides this opportunity for all students stressing the importance of participation for the fun of it! Along with committing to providing quality teaching, scholarship, service rooted in the Holy Scripture, promoting Spiritual growth of students, faculty, and staff, and preparing students for lives of Christian leadership.

Goals and Objectives

The Warrior Intramural Program (WIP) is designed for all students to compete with the emphasis based on participating for the fun of it. Its purpose is to encourage students to supplement their academic life with the social and physical benefits of recreational sports.

WIP provides opportunities that are varied in both the type of activity and the level of competitiveness. Wisconsin Lutheran College wishes to be able to serve as many students as possible, encourage student participation, and have thorough recreational planning that improves the quality of the program.

WIP Eligibility

All students who are enrolled for the current semester are eligible for play. A student may play for only one team in each sport. Students may change teams from sport to sport, but may not change teams during any one season. A varsity athlete, defined as any student whose name is on or has been on the roster of any varsity team during the present academic year, is allowed to participate in the WIP during the same season if it is a different sport and the athlete has received permission from their coach.

WIP Team Captains

WIP captains are representatives of a specific team in a league. Captains should make every effort to promote WIP and provide instruction for completing entries. TEAM CAPTAIN MEETINGS ARE MANDATORY!!

Forfeits and Excused Forfeits

Failure to be at the scheduled place at the scheduled time will result in a forfeit of the scheduled game and a $5 team fee that must be paid before their next competition. If you know in advance that your team will be unable to attend a scheduled game, contact the WIP director via email before noon on the Friday before the game and request an Excused Forfeit. The team that requested the Excused Forfeit may talk to the team they are competing against and the WIP director to reschedule the competition if they wish.

Injury Prevention

Players are encouraged to arrive early in order to sufficiently stretch and warm up. If anyone is injured during an event, it should always be reported to a supervisor on duty and the WIP director. WISCONSIN LUTHERAN COLLEGE DOES NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR INJURIES THAT OCCUR WHILE PARTICIPATING IN THE WARRIOR INTRAMURAL PROGRAM.

WIP Free Agent System

The Warrior Intramural program will make an effort to help individuals who are not associated with a group large enough to form a team. Individuals should contract the WIP director at least one week before the beginning of a team sport and file for free agency. The WIP director will attempt to place the free agents on an existing team or form a team from the free agents who have already filed. Free agents may also be assigned after the season begins to a team that requires additions due to special circumstances such as injury.

Rules Governing Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Good sportsmanship is important in every game played in the Warrior Intramural Program. A student or group displaying unsportsmanlike conduct may forfeit their opportunity to participate in the program. Anyone ejected from an activity must leave the playing area within 2 minutes or the game may be declared a forfeit. All ejected players or coaches shall be automatically suspended for one game. Player ejections are a direct reflection on a team's continued eligibility. If there are three or more player ejections of any member(s) of a team may result in an automatic temporary suspension of the team for the remainder of the team season Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as inappropriate behavior including verbal abuse, physical abuse toward individuals or officials, mental harassment, obscene gestures and actions, or other acts. Verbal Abuse: any language deemed offensive or derogatory to an official. Physical Abuse: hitting, striking, pushing, shoving, grabbing, throwing and/or kicking objects at another individual. Team supporters are also considered to be the responsibility of the teams and players. Verbal unsportsmanlike behavior on behalf of a team's fan will cause the team to be penalized. If the fan(s) continues to repeatedly display unsportsmanlike behavior, the individual(s) will be asked to leave.