Seats for Scholarships

To recognize and reward the talents of current and future students, the theatre faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran College are seeking your support to establish a theatre scholarship fund.

You are invited to purchase one of the 200 seats in the Raabe Theatre for a one-time gift of $500 or consider making that gift over four years - the same time it takes a student to earn a degree from WLC!

Raabe Theatre PhotoCan you do $125 a year?
How about $31.25 per quarter?
Just $10.42 a month?

For your support of the scholarship fund, WLC will recognize you by placing your name on a plated seating plaque just outside the theatre for all to see.

Purchase a seat and help endow a theatre scholarship fund that would enable WLC to award $4,000 in scholarships to upperclassmen theatre students each year.

Follow the directions in the sidebar to the right and get started today!