Wisconsin Lutheran College Honors Convocation

Honors Convocation is an annual event that recognizes Wisconsin Lutheran College students who have made outstanding academic and leadership contributions to the college. The Honors Convocation is held in early May in the Schwan Concert Hall.

2015 Honors Convocation Award Recipients

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The following awards traditionally are presented at the event:

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Golden Palette Award: Presented to a junior or senior art major to acknowledge a student's pursuit of artistic discipline and the application of art skills in contribution to the college and the community.

Vision Award: Presented to a freshman or sophomore student displaying outstanding discipline, involvement, and promise in the field of art.

Gerald and Georgia Brommer Art Scholarship: Awarded to a senior art major who shows dedication and adherence to Christian ideals, artistic skills in the chosen area of art, and a dedication to art as a vital element in the Christian life.

Fred and Mary Beth Schmelzer Scholarship for Studio Arts: Awarded to a sophomore who has declared an art major and has been selected by art faculty on the basis of exceptional artistic and academic merit.

Herbert O. Fleischer Memorial Scholarship: Presented to a sophomore to recognize and encourage an outstanding biology major.

CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Awarded to a freshman chemistry student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and a high interest in chemistry.

Didaskalos Award: Presented to an education major who demonstrates concern for student achievement and welfare, desire for ongoing learning, and personal Christian values.

ETS Award of Excellence: Presented to education majors who score in the top 15 percent of all candidates nationwide who took the PRAXIS II test.

Judy Voigt Urban Service and Leadership Award: Presented to a student who has demonstrated leadership, academic ability, and service orientation to the urban school community. Selected by the directors of the Center for Urban Teaching.          

Renaissance Award: Presented to a multi-dimensional scholar citizen and English major whose contribution to English courses and the larger community is outstanding.

Melvin and Marion Meyer Human Social Services Scholarship: Presented to a full-time human social services major who consistently demonstrates servant leadership through serving the needs of others.

Freshman Honors in Mathematics Award: Presented to students for outstanding performance during their freshman year in mathematics courses at the level of calculus 1 or higher.

Nicolas Bourbaki Award: Presented to a student who has demonstrated the potential for excellence in mathematics.

Golden Lyre Award: Awarded in recognition of talent and contributions to the programs of the music department of Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Cantabile Award: Presented to a student who has demonstrated leadership and excellence in the choral program at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Fanfare Award: Presented to a student in recognition of musical talent and contributions to the music department in the area of instrumental music.

Nurse Pioneer Award: Presented to a nursing student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities such as courage, creativity, or service during the previous year.

Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society: Presented to nursing majors who have demonstrated professional leadership potential and academic integrity.        

Kepler Award: Presented to a student who is pursuing a major or minor in physics and who exhibits virtues of thought and character.

Roger Fleming Senior Scholar Athlete Award: Presented to a graduating senior who over at least seven semesters has maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.4, earned at least two varsity letters in a specific sport, and demonstrated Christian leadership on campus.

WLCFS Christian Family Solutions Psychology Scholarship: Presented to a sophomore or junior psychology major who has demonstrated excellence in scholarship and service.

Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology: Presented to a psychology major or minor who has demonstrated excellence in academic achievement in psychology and a commitment to psychological science and Christian service.

Jan Nelson Gompper Award for Excellence in Theatre Performance: Presented to a graduating theatre major who has demonstrated exemplary commitment to development as an actor through a professional approach in the classroom, rehearsals, and performances; self motivation; creative risk-taking; and a visible Christian character.

Award for Excellence in Theatre Arts: Presented to a graduating theatre major who has demonstrated and developed a voracious appetite for multiple areas of theatre knowledge and experience, a driving desire for inquiry and exploration, whose contribution to the classroom, theatre, studio, and shop has been exemplary.

Sharon A. Schoeneck Christian Women's Leadership Scholarship: Awarded to acknowledge, encourage, and promote the tremendous talents of some of our greatest resources, our young Christian women.

WLC Alumni Scholarship: Presented to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence, co-curricular involvement, and Christian character.

Gary and Sandra Greenfield Christian Leadership Scholarship: Presented to a student who has displayed exemplary Christian leadership, as demonstrated to us by the college's first full-time president and his wife.