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Pre-Engineering is designed to give students an opportunity to receive a robust liberal arts education from a nationally ranked Christian college, while preparing students for further study in an engineering program.

  • Pathways to a Degree in Engineering

    Wisconsin Lutheran College provides a variety of pathways for students interested in a career in engineering. Students will work with a faculty advisor to determine the pathway that best aligns with their education and career goals.

    1. Students may enroll in our Physics-Engineering Dual-Degree Program taking classes either two or three years at WLC, and, having satisfactorily met the requirements for admission to University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee's engineering program, take an additional two years of classes at UWM, graduating with both a Bachelor of Science in Physics at WLC and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree at UWM.
    2. Students may complete their bachelor's degree at WLC - majoring in physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, mathematics, or computer science - thoroughly prepared for graduate school and the pursuit of a master's degree in engineering.
    3. Students may elect to participate in two or three years of coursework at WLC, following a prescribed pre-engineering program plan and then transfer to an engineering program at another university.
    • Students in the Pre-Engineering Program have a unique opportunity to participate in a variety of research projects alongside faculty members.

      Students are currently assisting in the research of electrochemical sensors through a "Research Experience for Undergraduates" grant funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the development of "A Screen-Printed Gas Sensor using Nanoparticulate Catalyst." Students design their own air quality sensor and have the opportunity to continue advancement of the project as independent research. This research is in collaboration with KWJ Engineering, and has resulted in a new start-up company, SPEC Sensors, in Silicon Valley. A patent was issued in 2014.

    • WLC students, Jonas Gertsch and A.J. Armstrong, worked with Dr. Dan Ebeling, Professor of Chemistry, on  “Novel Process Technologies for Disinfection of Potable Water.”  The research project was funded by NASA and conducted in collaboration with KWJ Engineering (Newark, CA). The scholarly research was published in 2013.

    • Jonas '12 graduated from WLC with a major in chemistry and physics. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in physical chemistry in the Chemistry Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His research is focused on Atomic Layer Deposition and Atomic Layer Etching. Learn more about Jonas' current research projects.