What is a Declining Balance Account?

A declining balance account is a pre-paid debit account on your Warrior OneCard. There are two separate declining balance accounts on your card: General Funds and Meal Money.

  • General Funds can be deposited into your account at the Automatic Deposit Machine (ADM) in the Campus Center, or at the Business Office.
  • Depostis can be made as often as neecd.
  • The Business Office accepts cash and checks. Funds are generally available to use by the following business day.
  • The ADM will accept $1, $5, $10, or $20. Funds deposited in the ADM are available for immediate use.
  • General Funds will remain active on your account as long as you are a current WLC student.
  • Meal Money comes with the purchase of a meal plan and can be used at various locations on campus.
  • Meal Money will transfer from the fall semester to the spring semester only.
  • Meal Money can only be used for meals and food on campus.
  • If you run out of Meal Money it is recommended that you add funds to your General Funds.