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Information Technology staff at Wisconsin Lutheran College would like to answer questions you may have concerning the computing environment of the college. Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, please contact us by email at or by phone at 414.443.8911.

* Must I provide my own computer?
* How do I get Internet Access in my residence hall room?
* What computers are supported on campus?
* Which computer is best for my major?
* Do I need a printer?
* What maintenance and repair services are available to students?
* Where is wireless access available?
* Are computers available for commuters?

Wisconsin Lutheran College does not require students to own a computer. On the other hand, we are often asked by students and parents whether a student should have their own computer, and if so what kind. This decision is best made by the student and parents, but we recognize what a difficult decision this can be. Therefore, we can be of assistance by answering common questions about owning a computer and Internet access.

Q: Does Wisconsin Lutheran College expect me to provide my own computer?

A: No. Two computer labs are available in the Library. Additional curricular labs throughout campus include the Music Lab in Fine Arts, Math & CS labs in Generac Hall, and a number of laptop carts for on-demand instructional computing. Although students have access to these labs, many students prefer to have their own computer in order to accommodate their personal study habits. Secure wireless Internet access is available in all residence halls and college-owned apartments.

Q: How do I get Internet access in my residence hall?

A: All students living in the residence halls have ethernet connections available in their rooms. Up-to-date information items, including minimum system requirements for residence hall network access are at All adjacent apartment buildings have direct network connections just as in on-campus residence halls. Outlying apartment buildings have wireless connections or are provided other means of Internet access. Students have full and complete Internet access including email, web, chat, and other Internet based services and software. Secure wireless access exists in the residence halls and nearly all academic buildings.


Wisconsin Lutheran College issues you a username and password combination to access your WLC email account. Your username is public information but your password is private and confidential. This username and password is also used for personal network storage space.

Q: What computers are supported on campus?

A: Availability of software in certain disciplines often determines what kind of computer will best meet a student's needs. Most disciplines at WLC are using PC compatibles. However, Fine Arts and Music tend to use Mac computers. If your primary needs are word processing, spreadsheets, and databases, either a PC or Mac will meet your needs. Wisconsin Lutheran College fully supports both environments.

Q: Do I need a printer if I have my own computer?

A: Many students like the convenience of having their own printer. Wisconsin Lutheran College has laser printers for PCs and Mac computers in the labs. Students who have their own computers can use these facilities by bringing a USB keychain to an open computing lab or accessing their personal network storage space.

Q: What kind of maintenance and repair service is available on campus for students who own their computers?

A: Wisconsin Lutheran College provides drop-off repair services for students' computers subject to a service agreement. However, repairs requiring replacement parts are at the students' expense. Further, if the computer is under warranty, the affected student must have warranty work done through the original manufacturer or authorized service center. IT staff routinely provide operating system updates or anti-virus software installation if the student has not already performed such routine maintenance.

Q: What software do I need?

A: You will need at least a word processor. On campus we are encouraging everyone to use Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office contains Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You may desire to purchase additional instructional software germane to your area of study.

Q: Where is wireless access available?

A: Wireless Internet access is available throughout the most campus buildings, including residence halls and college-owned apartments.

Q: Are computers available for commuters?

A: Yes. Numerous computers are available in the Warrior Underground, Leather Lounge, and the Library. A limited number of laptops can be checked out from the Library for overnight use.

Wisconsin Lutheran College IT services provides anti-virus software at no additional charge to the student.

Planning on purchasing a new computer before coming to campus? Bringing your own computer from home? Check our computer recommendation document for guidelines.