Hopes and Dreams

Outdoor Athletic Center

OAC elevation

As the college grows and adds athletic opportunities for students, the facilities need to keep pace. Space was allocated at the Krauss-Miller-Lutz Outdoor Athletic Complex for an athletic center. Phase one of the construction project was completed in August 2011. The facility is used by student-athletes who compete in football, track and field, baseball, softball, and soccer. Phase two of this center will come in the future as funding is available.

Addition to the Center for Arts and Performance

Center for Arts and Performance

Since its opening in 1996, the Center for Arts and Performance has successfully served students and patrons of the arts. However, the increasing student body as well as an increasing demand for arts courses and programs is causing a serious compromise of space for needed classrooms, programs, and offices. As one example, choral groups must share the same rehearsal room with various bands, causing logistical, storage, and noise issues. This situation is preventing the addition of stringed instrument and other music programs. Additional performance venues are needed to accommodate a smaller recital hall and a larger facility for guest artists' performances.

Sophomore Residence Hall

The success of the twin freshman Residence Halls, opened in 2000, illustrates the shortcomings in housing for sophomore students at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Presently sophomores are located in a variety of 60-year-old apartment buildings, overcrowded residence halls, and older residence facilities. The current buildings are at capacity, present personal safety issues, and require modern wiring for today’s communication needs. They do not build the "community" among this segment of Wisconsin Lutheran's student body that is an important part of the college experience.

An up-to-date sophomore Residence Hall will comfortably house these students in a manner becoming prevalent at our peer institutions – mostly private rooms, in modules, fostering independence but allowing the ability to come together as a community. Having a safe, supportive, and supervised environment will strengthen their academic, social, and Christian walks. Study rooms, improved communications, better parking, and proximity to campus are additional benefits.