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Imagine the questions you might have today if you were walking with Christ along the road to Emmaus. One might be, "How can I make a difference?" Christ certainly would remind you to preach his word to all people. He also would encourage you to support those in the public ministry and to train new workers for the harvest.

You can make a difference by helping Wisconsin Lutheran College train lay leaders who will spread His word throughout the world. Wisconsin Lutheran College's mission statement asserts that the college "is committed to: providing quality teaching, scholarship, and service that are rooted in Holy Scripture . . . and preparing students for lives of Christian leadership."

We practice what we preach. In so doing, we are answering the Lord's call to teach the sweet message of the gospel to all people. Your support makes this possible. Your commitment to Wisconsin Lutheran College will allow us to continue in His word and take the next step.

Won't you please walk with us?

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