Warrior Dining FAQs

If my schedule is in conflict with a meal period and I can not get to the dining hall before it closes, can I still eat?
Yes. All you need to do is call in advance and order a "box meal." We will make your meal and have it waiting for you at your requested time. To order a box meal, call ext 8751 or 8827.

If I am sick and can't make it to the dining hall, can I still get a meal?
Call either ext 8751 or 8827 and let us know. Then have your Resident Assistant (RA) or roommate come to the dining hall with your meal card and pick up a sick tray.

How do I add meals to my block plan?
Add additional meals to your block plan by going to the business office. The business office sells meals in blocks of 10 at $5.50 each. You may pay using cash, check or General Funds on your Warrior OneCard.

When friends and family visit me on campus, can they eat a meal with me?
Yes. Friends and family are always welcome to eat in the dining hall. If you have a Block Plan you can swipe your Warrior OneCard several times during any meal period to pay for your guests' meal. Your guests may also pay the cash price.

If I have special dietary needs, who do I talk to?
Talk with the food services general manager, Jim Glinos by calling (414) 443-8827. We can usually meet any dietary needs.

How do I make a suggestion to food services?
We'd love to hear for you and provide several ways to make a suggestion. Send an e-mail to, call (414) 443-8827, fill out our online comment form, or post a comment card on the comment board located in the Courtyard Café.