Warrior Dining FAQs

If my schedule is in conflict with a meal period and I can not get to the dining hall before it closes, can I still eat?
Yes! The Warrior Brewhaus offers many delicious, nutritious meal options. It is a great place to use your Meal Swipes at anytime of the day. You can choose a Simply To Go Salad or Sandwich or Pizza, Fountain Beverage and either a piece of fruit or cookie. Gluten Free Options are also available. Just Ask... We're here to help!
If I am sick and can't make it to the dining hall, can I still get a meal?
Call either ext 8751 or 8827 and let us know. Your Resident Assistant (RA) or roommate can come to the dining hall with your meal card and pick up a sick tray.
How do I add meals to my block plan?
Add additional meals to your block plan by going to the business office. There are many options available to you, just let them know what you need and they will assist you in finding the best option. You may pay using cash, check or General Funds on your Warrior OneCard.
When friends and family visit me on campus, can they eat a meal with me?
Yes. Friends and family are always welcome to eat in the dining hall and Brewhaus. If you have a Block Plan you can swipe your Warrior OneCard several times during any meal period to pay for your guests' meal. You may use meal points, general funds or your guests may pay the cash price.
If I have special dietary needs, who do I talk to?
We encourage you to reach out to Warrior Dining right at the beginning of the school year or as soon as your dietary need has been identified. You can reach the food services general manager, Jim Glinos by calling (414) 443-8827 or e-mail him at We have many ways we can help you if we know what your needs are! We strive to completely meet all your dietary needs and restrictions!
How do I make a suggestion to food services?
We'd love to hear for you! There are several ways to make a suggestion. Send an e-mail to, call (414) 443-8827, fill out a napkin note and post it on the Warrior Dining Bulletin Board by the dish return, respond to our online comment card, or post your comment to our Facebook Page