International Alumni

Wisconsin Lutheran College's international student presence continues to grow and so do the success stories of these Warriors graduates.

Cheng Ding

Name: Cheng (Kami) Ding
Graduated: Class of 2013
Major: Business Administration
Graduate School: New York University (NYU)

Cheng (Kami) Ding graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College in December 2013. He came to WLC as a transfer student from partner school Jiangxi Normal University in Nanchang, China.

Kami now attends graduate school at New York University (NYU). He said, "As an international student majoring in Business Administration, I received so much support from WLC's professors and insights into my major and career. The knowledge I earned at WLC gave me a broad foundation of my future role as a graduate school student. The advice from professors as really helpful for my graduate school application."

When asked what surprised him about WLC, Kami said, "I didn't expect I would communicate with so many excellent professors. The support I received was really helpful not only for my classes but also for my career growth."

What advice would he give to students as they look at colleges in the United States? "WLC is an excellent place to start your study in the United States. With the help of professors and other students, you build your fundamental skills of English and start your academic study," Kami concluded.

Favorite place to visit in Milwaukee: Milwaukee County Zoo
Three words that describe WLC: warm, friendly, and outstanding


Jhonathan Rosales jpg

Name: Jhonathan Rosales
Graduated: Class of 2011
Major: Mathematics
Graduate School: University of Florida

Jhonathan Rosales came to WLC from Guatemala and graduated in 2011 with a degree in mathematics and a minor in physics. Since graduation, Jhonathan has served as an applications engineer at CREE Inc. - one of the largest manufacturers of LED lighting technologies. In the fall of 2013, Jhonathan began working toward his master's degree in nuclear engineering at the University of Florida. He also plans to pursue a doctorate degree in nuclear engineering.

Jhonathan shared, "I had an amazing and unforgettable experience at WLC. From an academic perspective, I was privileged to receive personalized attention from a distinguished faculty that expanded my knowledge and prepared me for the real world. I also enjoyed the extra-curricular activities planned for students. These events and volunteer opportunities allowed me to make new friends outside the classroom and demonstrated the uniqueness of WLC's campus life."


Hannah Zhang jpg

Name: Hannah Zhang
Graduated: Class of 2011
Major: Biology
Graduate School: Duke University

In 2011, Hannah Zhang graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College with a degree in biology and is grateful for the knowledge and experiences she gained while attending WLC. Looking back, Zhang said, "I really enjoyed my classes. The professors were genuinely interested in their fields."

After graduation, Zhang worked as a lab assistant to Dr. Sally Twining at the Medical College of Wisconsin, located across the street from WLC. In her research, Zhang studied the conditions that cause blood and lymph vessels to grow in the cornea. As an international student, she benefitted from the small class sizes and one-on-one interaction with her professors at WLC. Zhang's combined experiences at WLC and MCW have led to her acceptance into Duke University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program, which she began in fall of 2013.