StrengthsQuest at Wisconsin Lutheran College

Believing that each Christian has been uniquely shaped by God (Ephesians 2:10), all incoming Wisconsin Lutheran College students are given the StrengthsFinder assessment to assist them in identifying their top five themes of talent.

StrengthsQuest is a blessing to our campus for two primary reasons. 1. It helps us look for positives in each person and helps us appreciate how each of us is uniquely designed and gifted. 2. It offers a common language as we discuss ways to faithfully apply those gifts. When we understand how a student is gifted we can guide them in applying those gifts as they choose classes, a major, and as they build relationships with others.

"We believe that StrengthsQuest is one tool that can assist us in helping our WLC family discover and develop their God-given gifts. It can be used as a resource in discussions regarding academics, advising, personal life, career, and even a student's spiritual life."
- Dr. Rhoda Wolle

So you took StrengthsQuest…now what?

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Strengths Support

StrengthsQuest Advisory Committee Mission: The StrengthsQuest Advisory Committee supports and upholds WLC's StrengthsQuest program by advocating the active use and student involvement of StrengthsQuest throughout the campus community.

Please contact a team member if you want to discuss your strengths, plan an activity, or find helpful resources:

Dr. Rhoda Wolle 414.443.8517 Email
Thad Jahns 414.443.8949 Email
Dr. Stacy Hoehl 414.443.8538 Email
Lucas Faust 414.443.8720 Email

Fun Fact

The Top 5 most common themes on campus are:

  • Achiever
  • Responsibility
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy
  • Restorative

WLC Student Testimonials

  • "I really enjoyed the StrengthsQuest evaluation we completed this semester. It was very interesting to evaluate and discuss the results. Not only did it help me realize what my strengths are, but it will help me use them more effectively in the future. Discovering your strengths is key to becoming a better leader, and I think if more people completed this evaluation, they could really see what makes them tick."
  • "I thought that StrengthsQuest was an extremely beneficial asset to the class. I remember taking those 'what you should be when you grow up' surveys in high school, and they always seemed so general. I was always told to be a doctor or a nurse or a scientist, and it never sounded like anything that fit me as a person. Half the people who take those surveys are probably told the same exact thing. I think that StrengthsQuest is especially helpful for people who are just entering college and don't know what they want to do with their lives. They can take this test and see where their strengths lie and develop their strengths from that point. This survey delves deeper and hits exactly what a person's core traits are. I actually had an interview shortly after taking this test, and was able to articulate what my strengths are. They were really impressed and offered me the position a few days later.
  • "StrengthsQuest has pointed out to me that my fun-loving nature could actually be used to help me in school. Some behaviors that I thought were weaknesses are actually strengths, and with this new-found information I look forward to further embracing my strengths!"
  • "I enjoyed finding out what my strengths were and look forward to using them in the future! I think that they were accurate and will be very beneficial to me in the future. I can use them in my job here on campus, when working in group projects, when finishing homework, or in interview settings. These strengths will give me a way to talk about myself more easily. They will also give me proof and reasons for listing certain strengths. I believe it was a good idea overall, and would like to see StrengthsQuest used more often.