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Meet Sandra Burge

Sandra Burge - Profile Photo

WLC Class Of: 2014

Major: Business Management and Leadership

Current Occupation: Regional Director, Patient Access Services, Revenue Cycle-Advocate Aurora Health

Although I learned much more, the servant leadership aspect of the program stuck with me the most.
- Sandra Burge

  • Sandra Burge was enrolled in the Supervisory Management program at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) when another student, who was about to graduate, told her about Wisconsin Lutheran College. She says it is pretty much history from there. She graduated with her associate degree from MATC in May 2012 and began her first class at WLC that August.

    Reflecting on her time in the adult accelerated program at WLC, Sandra says that it was rewarding. “It is a little harder going back to school after 30 years, but you are more focused as an adult and strive to have that 4.0 GPA,” she explains. “Everyone in our class was a working adult with the same struggles, so we understood each other and all became very close friends.”

    Since going back to school in 2012, Sandra has been promoted five times, noting her wages have tripled. She has worked her way up the ladder in the Revenue Cycle area of health care. Her latest promotion has her in the position of Regional Director, Patient Access Services, Revenue Cycle, a position she was selected for based on her leadership and organizational skills.

    Every day I use my servant leadership skills, whether working with patients or our caregivers. The program gave me the tools I needed, to know when to listen and when to speak. I've also been able to mentor others, influencing them to become stronger leaders themselves.

    Career advancement wasn’t the only motivator for Sandra. Earning her degree was meaningful to her in many ways. She went through the program with her daughter and sister, and was honored to graduate with them, reflecting, “I know I am a good role model to my children and grandchildren. I was ready to quit a few times, but I had the support of my husband, daughters, and sister.  We often talked each other down off the ledge because at one time or another, one of us wanted to throw in the towel.”

    Sandra’s advice to fellow adults considering going back to school: “You have to be committed and truly want it. It will not be easy. Make sure you have a great support system. Your education is worth every penny, and every minute that you spend on it. Earning my bachelor’s degree has allowed me to be promoted. I am more marketable to other companies as well, and not just in health care anymore. Yes, it is demanding, but if I had to do it again, I would.”