Home Schooled Students at WLC

Meet a few current WLC students who were previously home schooled

Josh Ferrell

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An excerpt from "It takes courage to be a Warrior" originally published in the WLC Magazine Spring 2009.

Josh Ferrell went from being home schooled by his parents in Florida his entire life to attending a college 1,300 miles away from home and not knowing anyone.

"Lucky for me, I chose the right school," said Ferrell. "I was very fortunate to build relationships with the coaches and faculty who made me feel accepted – they made me feel like family."

As a multi-sport student-athlete, Ferrell was able to find balance while playing football and baseball at Wisconsin Lutheran College, and still have time for academics, friends, and his faith.

On the football field, Ferrell played in nine games his first year at running back and scored a touchdown. Ferrell led the Warriors baseball team in every major offensive category and was named to the All-NAC Rookie Team as a freshman in 2008.

Victoria Krueger

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Hometown: West Allis, Wis. 

Home Schooling background: I was home schooled second half of junior year & senior year of high school. 

Major & Year at WLC: Biochemistry, Junior 

Activities you participate in @ WLC: I ran cross country my freshman year.

Plans after graduation: I plan to attend grad school or medical school.

Why you chose to attend WLC: I choose to attend WLC because it was close to home.

Your message for future students: Live on campus, it is easier to socialize with people or if that isn't possible get involved attend things at school.

Jacqueline Gardner

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Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.

Home Schooling background: I was home schooled all my life, from pre-school until high school graduation!

Major & Year at WLC: Communicative Arts Major, Senior

Activities you participate in at WLC: Ambassador Club, Theatre, Forensics Team, Christian Women's Leadership Committee, ESL (English as a Second Language) at Gesthemene Lutheran, etc.

Plans after graduation: I have always been intrigued by the subject of communication – writing, speaking, nonverbals, theatre, storytelling, media, art, film, images – all of these things are related to how we, as human beings, express ourselves and communicate with others. However, our society isn't always very competent in its communication skills, both on the public platform and in interpersonal conversations. Consequently, my long-term career goals include the creation of a communication education program for both students and adults, teaching people effective ways to communicate and connect with each other despite their differences.

As of right now, I am planning to attend graduate school for my master's degree in speech communication. Afterwards, I would love to teach communication at the university level or coach for a collegiate speech and debate team. Hopefully, someday I'll be able to run my own organization!

Why you chose to attend WLC: Because I was the oldest of five kids, I was the "guinea pig" while my parents and I tried to figure out this whole college thing. The very idea of going to college was somewhat scary because I had never gone to school! Additionally, we are a one-income family of seven and paying for college had always been a concern. To be completely honest, WLC was not even on my list of potential colleges...I didn't even know it existed! However, there were several reasons why I ended up choosing WLC in the end. 

First of all, the admissions counselors were extremely helpful. They understood that because I was home schooled, I didn't really have a guidance counselor who knew about the college admissions process. Meg, one of the admissions counselors, made sure that I had everything I needed to complete my application (like transcripts and fees and such) and she sat down with me to choose my classes for the first semester. She answered my questions and e-mails right away, was easily accessible whenever I wasn't sure about something, and never made me feel bad for not knowing what to do next.

WLC is also a relatively small school with small class sizes. I was used to having a lot of individual instruction at home and I wanted to have personal interaction with my professors in my classes. Actually, each year I'm here, my classes get smaller! Right now I'm in an argumentation class with only four people. I LOVE being able to spend a significant portion of class time in discussion instead of only lectures. 

Additionally, even though tuition is expensive, WLC is generous in its scholarships. I have both academic and theatre scholarships that cover a little less than half of my tuition. The financial aid office also tries to match students with other scholarships, grants, or loans in order to make college more affordable and they did that for me. I even received an on-campus job that was flexible with my class schedule.

There are other the fact that WLC is close and I was able to live at home. Or the fact that I knew people who had gone to WLC in the past. But I think the biggest motivation to choose WLC was its atmosphere. I'm not Lutheran, but I love being part of a strong, Christian environment both in and out of classes. I have the freedom to express my Christian worldview even in "non-religious" subjects. For example, one of my math professors showed us how God's handiwork and precision is obvious in mathematics. In our theatre classes, we discuss the dynamics of being a Christian in a predominantly secular discipline. Even in communication or business classes, we touch on ethics and morals. The WLC professors are professionals in their fields and love sharing what they do, but they also offer the unique opportunity to look at the entire world through the lens of Christianity. Regardless of all of the reasons I came to WLC, this last reason is why I stay.

Your message for future students: Visit WLC, take a tour, sit in on a few classes, go to a sports game, see a theatre production, talk to students, find out about clubs and organizations on campus, or sit down with an admissions counselor. The only way to really find out what WLC is like is to spend a little bit of time here! But remember, too, that college is about finding a place that is best for YOU. You need to make a decision about which school fits! And if you're seriously interested in WLC, then know that there are plenty of people here who are willing to make that decision and the entire process a little bit easier and less complicated for you.

Where are they now - see what some of our home schooled ALUMNI are up to!

Jahna Juedes is from Milladore, Wis., and graduated from WLC in 2002. She served as the president of the Student Senate and the private college representative for the Student Alliance of Wisconsin while completing her degree at WLC. She is now a special event coordinator for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin.

Josh Lauritch is from West Allis, Wis., and played basketball and served as a commuter representative for the Student Senate while attending WLC. He is now the manager of national promotion for EMI's Christian Music Group in Nashville, Tenn.

Annie Di Frances from Dousman, Wis., served as a volunteer for the WLC Ambassador Club and was a Residence Life representative while earning her degree. She currently works as a proposal specialist in the Business Development Department of Johnson Controls in Milwaukee.

Jim Hudzinski of West Allis, Wis., graduated from WLC in 2003 and continued his education at the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Ill., to be trained for the ministry. Jim is a gifted pianist and sang with and accompanied the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir while a student at WLC.