Cameron Teske '11

Hometown: Crete, IL
High School: Illinois Lutheran High School
Degrees: B.A., Communicative Arts, Wisconsin Lutheran College

What groups or teams were you involved in at WLC?

  • Men's Soccer
  • Student Body President
  • Ambassador Club
  • Residence Life Council
  • Warrior Events Board

Favorite Spot on Campus

Residence Halls. This is now your home for nine months a year. You will make some of your greatest friendships your freshmen year living as a new "family"! There is always something going on in the common areas whether it's a FIFA tournament, watching a movie, study sessions, playing games, an RA led devotion, or anything else you can think of to do with your friends. Make the most of it and have fun!

Favorite Place in Milwaukee

The bike trail along the lakefront. You're still downtown, and the lakefront is always busy with people everywhere, but riding your bike along this trail makes you feel like you're in your own world surrounded by a big city.

Favorite Event at WLC

Commencement. This is the day everything you've worked so hard for during the last four years is finally coming together. It is not only an end to your college career, but even more exciting is the beginning of the next part of your life! All the opportunities in the world are available to you right now and you get to decide how you will utilize them.

What advice do you offer as a WLC alumnus?

Make sure to go to class and take your studies seriously. I was given some advice at the WLC President's Welcome the spring before my freshman year of college: "Don't let the freedom of college distract you from why you're in college." I didn't listen, so my advice is to not only listen but to be focused from day one. Definitely make sure to have fun, but don't lose sight of why you're here: to get a college education!