Choose the WLC theology program.

Make God’s Word an integral part of your college experience. Immerse yourself in the study of Scripture and biblical studies as well as systematic and practical theology. Learn from a faculty devoted to serving the wider church body. See how your study of theology can be applied to any major. Be prepared to witness your faith in the church and world.

Choose the WLC theology program to gain a solid foundation for a lifetime of Christian service.

Theology Collage

Be prepared for a lifetime of Christian service.

Theology courses play a central role in the spiritual and academic growth of students at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Students are required to take a number of theology courses to fullfill general degree requirements. Surveys of Scripture, biblical studies, systematic theology and practical theology courses are combined to provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and Christian service.

Learn from a faculty committed to ministry.

The faculty serves as mentors and resource persons to students majoring in theology and other disciplines. Each faculty member brings years of experience working in churches to their instruction. In addition, faculty members in the theology department serve the wider church as guest preachers and teachers and as consultants. 

Begin your life in ministry or lay leadership with a solid foundation in Christ.

A major in theology is designed for the student who seeks to prepare for personal or professional ministry. Students who choose a theology major will generally be advised to seek a double major in their bachelor program.