Sociology Course Descriptions

Anthropology/Sociology Course Offering Schedule

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SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology. 3 cr.
An introduction to analysis of human behavior and group life. Major concepts and theories relating to culture, society, and social processes are covered. Community and institutional organizations are studied.
SOC 220 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. 3 cr.
An analysis of the social and cultural aspects of race and ethnicity. Emphasis is on minority groups in the U.S. Concepts such as assimilation, social inequality, social conflict, and pluralism are examined.
SOC 250 Sociology of Crime and Deviant Behavior. 3 cr.
A sociological examination of crime and delinquency in the U.S. The course covers crime, victims, methods of control and their alternatives, treatment, prevention, and the criminal justice system.
SOCĀ 310 Special Topics in Sociology. 1-3 cr.
An intensive study and discussion of selected topics in sociology. Possible topics include social class and inequality, marriage and the family, social problems and topics relating to criminal justice. May be repeated with change of topic. Prereq: varies with topic.