Coaching Minor

Mission Statement

A coaching minor equips students to serve and teach in the highly participatory area of athletics, a chief arena for Christian witness and servant leadership opportunities. Wisconsin Lutheran College will work with students by equipping them to lead young athletes with Christian principles founded in God’s Word. Students will learn to develop coaching strategies to assist them in preparing and instilling positive characteristics with future young athletes such as: healthy competition, teamwork, goal setting, proper ways to deal with success and adversity, actions reflecting belief, value systems, and the like.

Physical Education Courses

Mission Statement

The philosophy of Physical Education is to assist Christian young people develop their potential and guide them to live a satisfying, healthy, and productive life. We should impart the knowledge, skills, understanding and techniques which prepare one to live an active Christian life from the viewpoint of the individual and society.

Physical Education courses will assist students in understanding the role the gospel message plays in their lives through maintaining a healthy, active life. They must understand various relationships through activities: intercultural relationships, relationships and communication with our environment, communication skills necessary for social interaction and the need for continuing self-development throughout the life span.