Mathematics Student Awards

Freshman Honors in Mathematics is awarded to students in recognition of outstanding performance during their freshman year in mathematics courses at the level of Calculus 1 or higher.

The Nicolas Bourbaki Scholarship is a $1000 tuition stipend typically awarded to a second year student majoring in mathematics who has demonstrated the potential for excellence in mathematics.

Nicolas Bourbaki is a fictitious mathematician. In 1935 a collaboration of six great French mathematicians (Henri Cartan, Claude Chevalley, Jean Delsarte, Jean Dieudonné, René de Possel, and André Weil) organized and began publishing under this pen-name. They produced a multi-volume work, Éléments de Mathématique, which provided a unified development of mathematics with an emphasis on abstraction and rigor. A Bourbaki Seminar in their honor is sponsored each year in Paris.

The Gary Sorensen Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics is a monetary tuition stipend typically awarded to a third year student majoring in mathematics who has shown diligence and exceptional performance in mathematics. This scholarship was established by John, Lisa, and the Sorensen family to honor the memory of John's father. John graduated summa cum laude from Wisconsin Lutheran College in 2000 with a major in mathematics.