Advising Information

  • Prospective students should take the placement test as soon as possible to be placed into the correct level of study.
  • Students who have not had German in the last two years should opt for GER 101.
  • Students need to either take or test out of GER 101, GER 102, GER 201, and GER 202 before enrolling in any of the upper level courses.
  • All students completing a German for International Business Major must complete an approved program of residence in a German-speaking country lasting a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • It is recommended that the foreign study experience occur during either the junior or senior year, as this will greatly improve the student's German.
  • Students should immediately enroll in the beginning Business courses in order to ensure a timely completion of all of the required courses for this major.
  • It may be in the best interest of the student to complete the majority of the General Education Requirements early in his or her college career in order to focus more on the major in the latter part of his/her studies.
  • Proper planning is essential to any major. Make sure that your required courses will all fit into your plan to graduate within four years.