German Course Offering Schedule

NOTE: Course offerings are subject to change without notice due to issues such as staffing, curriculum changes, and course enrollment numbers.

Download the pdf to view the GER course offering schedule.

Course Identification

GER 101 Elementary German 1
GER 102 Elementary German 2

GER 201 Intermediate German 1
GER 202 Intermediate German 2

GER 311 Advanced German Composition, Conversation, & Culture 1
GER 312 Advanced German Composition, Conversation, & Culture 2
GER 321 Introduction to German Literature 1
GER 322 Introduction to German Literature 2
GER 323 Introduction to German Literature 3
GER 350 Intensive German Grammar
GER 360 German for International Business Communication
GER 375 Phonology and Phonetics

GER 491 Seminar in Selected Topics
GER 495 Senior Thesis (offered as needed as an independent study)