Careers that use German

A degree in German can open many doors for a recent graduate. A German major by itself or paired with another area of study helps to prepare students to thrive in an assortment of careers such as the ones found in the table below.



International Business German and Business Administration
Teaching German and Education
International Law German and Pre-Law
Medicine German and Pre-Med
Journalism German and Communication
Computer-Related Careers German and Computer Science
History German and History
Travel Agent German and History
Military Services German and Area of Specialty
Foreign Services Officer German and Area of Specialty
Music German and Music
Philosophy German and Philosophy
Theology German and Theology
Science German and Physics/Biology/Chemistry
Translator/Interpreter German
  • More specific job options for German Majors can include:
    • Customs Inspector
    • Diplomat
    • Flight Attendant
    • Foreign Correspondent
    • Hotel Manager
    • Import/Export Manager
    • International Consultant
    • Officer for the Department of State
    • Peace Corps Volunteer
    • Special Agent/FBI
    • Speech Pathologist
    • United Nations Officer
  • For a more exhaustive list on possible careers, please visit:
  • Also check out the book Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors┬áby Julie DeGalan and Stephen Lambert for more career ideas.
  • For specific examples of professionals who use German every day in their jobs, visit, a website created by a German professor to answer his students' questions.