Dan Leffel
'99 elementary education

3rd grade teacher at Riverside Elementary School, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin; varsity boys' basketball coach at Menomonee Falls High School

I chose WLC because Coach Edward Noon recruited me to play basketball. I also knew I wanted to get into education because I love working with kids, and he told me that education was one of the school's strongest majors.

Also, I knew I wanted to coach basketball and being a teacher would allow me to do that. I started working with kids at basketball camps and clinics in high school, and I had supportive and caring teachers growing up who became my role models. 

WLC was instrumental in preparing me to be a teacher. First and foremost, the support I received from the education faculty, staff and students was unbelievable. I felt very much that the professors' faith in me pushed me to work harder than I ever had before. The second way the faculty prepared me was to get me into the classroom early with clinical work and junior achievement. Those experiences forced me to get in front of students in class and gave me on the job training. Clinical work early is imperative for future teachers. 

WLC's education program prepares every student for a career in education. The college challenges every student, but all of the hard work and challenges are worth it in the end. I've found that the WLC name has great pull in the interview room. The one thing I always hear about WLC teachers/student teachers is that they are hardworking, knowledgeable and great people. Help the tradition of excellence keep going in the right direction.