Teacher Education Handbook

Table of Contents, Introduction, Preface PDF
Complete Handbook PDF
Part One: Governing Statements PDF
Statements of Context, Mission, Vision, and Principles of Education
Mission of Teacher Education
Conceptual Framework
Standards for Teacher Development and Licensure
Part Two: Organization and Governance PDF
Board of Regents Responsibility/Organizational Structure
Teacher Education Personnel Policies/Responsibilities
Director of Teacher Education Position Description
Director of Licensure Position Description
Education Faculty/Support Personnel
Faculty Selection, Retention, Promotion
Adjunct Faculty and Faculty Exchange
Faculty Assignments and Loads
Department Meetings
Facilities, Instructional Materials and Equipment
Community Partnerships
National/International Partnerships
Teacher Advisory Committee
Student Services
Part Three: Program Definitions and Course Requirements PDF
Program Definitions
Early/Middle Childhood Education Major Requirements
Middle Childhood/Early Adolescent Education Major Requirements
Early Adolescent/Adolescent Education Major Requirements
Wide Range: Art and Foreign Language Education Requirements
Wide Range: Music Education Requirements
Wide Range: Theatre Education Requirements
Collateral Requirements: All Programs
Course Descriptions
Part Four: Teacher Education Performance Based Assessment, Policies, and Procedures PDF
Conceptual Framework
Standards-Based Assessments, Standardized Tests, and School Based Experiences
Policies and Procedures for Entry/Portfolio One
Policies and Procedures for Stage Two: In-progress advancement
Policies and Procedures for Stage Three: Entry into Teacher Candidacy
Policies and Procedures for Stage Four: Teacher Candidacy to Completion
Policy on Absences from Teacher Candidacy
Wrap-up Conference, Portfolio Four, Exit Interview, Certification
Professional Development Plan
Certification Levels
Policies and Procedures for Stage Five: Completion and Follow-up
Policies for Clinical Programs
Policies for Practicum
Policies for Teacher Candidacy
Liability Insurance Policy
Other Education Policies
Appendix A: Documents which support the Governance and Administration PDF
Campus Map PDF
WLC Mission Statement and Strategic Priorities PDF
School of Education Position Descriptions PDF
Appendix B: Advising Materials PDF
T-chart PDF
Academic Vision PDF
General Degree Requirements PDF
Academic Vision (Fall 2010) PDF
General Degree Requirements (Fall 2010) PDF
Education Audit Forms PDF
Appendix C: Assessment PDF
Conceptual Framework PDF
Performance Based and Research Based Standards PDF
Program Identified Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions PDF
Assessment Flowchart PDF
Academic Vision PDF
Academic Vision (Fall 2010) PDF
General Degree Requirements PDF
General Degree Requirements (Fall 2010) PDF
Annual Assessment Report PDF
Appendix D: Procedures for Entry PDF
Application Requirements PDF form
Portfolio Stage One: Portfolio Rubric PDF
Application to Declare a Major PDF form
Application to Declare a Minor PDF form
Notification of Admission Status PDF form
Portfolio Stage Two: Advisor Reaction Form PDF form
Appendix E: Clinicals and Practica PDF
Clinical and Practica Policies and Guidelines PDF
Clinical To Do List PDF
Clinical Experience Expectations PDF
Alternate Activities for Human Relations Hours PDF
Guidelines for Writing Multicultural Reflections for Credit Hours PDF
Pre-Teacher Candidacy Clinical Experience Descriptions PDF
Disclosure Questionnaire PDF form
TB Test Reminder PDF
Interview Verification Form PDF form
Suggestions for Interview Questions PDF
Observation/Participation Verification Form PDF form
Pre-Teacher Candidacy Clinical Log PDF form
General Evaluation for Lesson PDF Form
Pre-Teacher Candidacy Grading Requirements PDF
Clinical Site Evaluation PDF form
MD Lesson Plan Clarifying Details PDF
MD Lesson Plan Clarifying Details Outline PDF 
MD Lesson Plan Outline DOC
Entire Modified Differentiated Lesson Planning Guide DOC
Reflective Practitioner PDF
General Practicum Application PDF form
Analysis of Practicum Student PDF form
Clinical Summation Evaluation Form PDF form
Appendix F: Application Process for Teacher Candidacy PDF
Application for Teacher Candidacy PDF form
Health Form PDF
Stage Three: High Stakes Portfolio Guidelines PDF
Instructions for Disk Duplication/Labeling PDF
Stage Three: High Stakes Portfolio Rubric PDF
Stage Three: High Stakes Portfolio Narrative Feedback PDF
Stage Three: High Stakes Portfolio Peer Feedback PDF form
Stage Three: High Stakes Portfolio Artifact Checklist PDF form
Teacher Internship Selection Form PDF form
Confirmation of Teacher Intern PDF
Teacher Candidacy Placement Letter PDF
Teacher Candidate Response Form PDF form
Appendix G: Teacher Candidacy PDF
Teacher Candidacy/Internship Guidelines PDF
Checklist of CT Forms PDF form
Cooperating Teacher License Verification PDF form
Cooperating Teacher/Teacher Candidate Agreement Form PDF form
Cooperating Teacher Weekly Feedback Form PDF form
Teacher Candidate Analysis PDF form
Teacher Candidate Grade Appraisal PDF
Teacher Candidate Emergency Contact Form PDF
Tips for First Year Teachers PDF
What your student teacher wants you to know PDF
MD Lesson Plan Clarifying Details PDF
MD Lesson Plan Clarifying Details Outline PDF
MD Lesson Plan Outline DOC
Entire Modified Differentiated Lesson Planning Guide DOC
Framework and Context for Reflection Practitioner PDF
Useful verbs PDF
Pre-Observation Preparation Guide PDF form
Teacher Candidate Goal Setting Form PDF form
Checklist of Basic Documentation PDF form
Teacher Candidate Disposition Assessment PDF form
Teacher Candidate Evaluation (Early Childhood-Middle Childhood) PDF
Teacher Candidate Evaluation (Middle School to Secondary) PDF
Cooperating Teacher Evaluations-Supervisor PDF form
Cooperating Teacher Evaluations-Teacher Candidate PDF form
Memo to Supervisors - Wrapping Up the TC Semester PDF
Teacher Candidate Exit Questions PDF form
Professional Development Plan Form PDF form
Guidelines for Portfolio Stage Four PDF
Appendix H: Miscellaneous PDF
Recommendation Letter Request PDF form
Suggested Guidelines for Writing the Recommendation Letter PDF
Study Abroad Application PDF form

updated 07/20/2015